Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

Letter to the Editor,
With so many articles concerning animal cruelty and death recently in the news. I felt compelled to write one more. Hopefully this is read and understood by the one person who killed my wonderful little dog.
Wimpy brought much happiness to our home, children and grandchildren. He was a "registered prince," snow white Pomeranian. I purchased him for a companion for our sweet little female, Angel. (Only after our other little dog, Bear was killed and left to lay on the same road.) Together these two little ones produced wonderful babies. They in turn brought love and companionship to several other families.
After the business was closed, and you going East on Foster Avenue, and in less then 100 yards. You were traveling so fast you apparently could not avoid hitting my Wimpy. Had this truly been an accident, then why weren't you man enough to come to the door and let us know what had happened? How sorry were you?
Instead, you take off like a wild man. We were home, and of course you knew that. We heard you leave the business area. Then we heard you really "gun" it. We saw your vehicle. We did not realize what you had done until later, when we backed out of our driveway. That's when we saw him lying on the road adjacent to our driveway.
Wimpy was snow white, by a dark gravel road, NO snow in sight, in broad daylight. How could you NOT seen him? How could you have "accidentally" killed him?
Sandy Halbert
Foster A venue

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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