Local woman in Chile at time of earthquake
Maureen Tacke, daughter of Cliff and Sue Tacke of Cottonwood, got first-hand experience of the massive earthquake to hit Chile on Saturday, Feb. 27 as she was in Concepcion, Chile at the time, just 50 miles from the epicenter.
Maureen was there visiting her boyfriend, Rodrigo Vergara, who was working at Concepcion.
The quake hit Chile early Saturday morning and at 8.8 on the Richter scale was one of the highest intensity earthquakes ever recorded.
Sue Tacke said she finally got word from Rodrigo’s brother, Javier, at about 2 a.m. Monday morning that Maureen and Rodrigo were at an uncle’s house along with Rodrigo’s grandmother. That was the first she’d heard any news about Maureen. 
Sue then said she got a call from Maureen at about 4 a.m. Maureen had spotted a reporter on the street and went to ask him if there was any way to get word home. He apparently had a satellite cell phone and let her use it. Sue said Maureen sounded really scared on the phone but said she and Rodrigo were all right and were able to find some food and water.
Sue wants to thank everyone for their prayers but that they are still needed as they aren’t out of this yet. They have no electricity at Rodrigo’s uncle’s house and food and water are scarce.
Maureen has been in South America since December. She went to Argentina on Dec. 8 and went from there to Brazil for awhile to visit some friends. (See Maureen’s blog at http://maureensargentina.blogspot.com) From there she went to Santiago, Chile where she was looking for a job. Last Monday she went down to Concepcion to spend time with Rodrigo. 
We hope to get more information and maybe some photos from Maureen once she can get access to commun-ication.
Sue praised that “angel in reporter’s clothing” for allowing Maureen to call home and tell everyone she was all right.
Tuesday morning Sue sent us an update that Rodrigo’s uncles in Santiago have obtained a van loaded with supplies provided by the factory where one of them works and hope to get to Concepcion. The main route is impassable but they have an alternate route worked out. Hopefully once they get to Concepcion they can get past the looting and chaos there. The Tacke family is asking for prayers that the van gets to the Vergara family and Maureen.
The Tackes have also filed an inquiry with the US Embassy in Santiago and with Sen. Mike Crapo’s office hoping that Maureen’s status as an American citizen helps in getting aid.

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