Whatsoever Things Are True
by Dan Coburn
Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church
What do you think of when you think of Church?   When you are around your “Churchy” type friends, are you holding your breath hoping that they don’t broach the subject?   Which subject would that be?  Does it all seem blurred; or are there specific “don’t go there” topics?   You might be surprised to hear that Jesus had a favorite question.  One that He used when He wanted to cut to the chase.  To peel away all the layers of our hearts that we like to hide behind.   It’s the grandad of all questions.  It’s the most important question you will ever hear; or better, the most important Answer you will ever give.  Nugget: You are going to answer the question before you finish this article.  The question as recorded in John 1:38, is “What seek ye?”   It is found in other places in the form of “Whom seek ye”, but the question is absolutely the same.  In today’s vernacular it might sound like: “What are you looking for?”  The answer to this question trumps the Law, Sin (big and little ones), consequences for sin, Heaven and Hell, or any of the other things Churchy folks like to argue about.   He asked it to Peter in Matt. 16, as well as the evil entourage at His arrest.   He isn’t wanting to learn the answer, cause He already knows.  So what’s the point?   Let’s turn the Spiritual Switch.   If you are a parent, imagine you burst into your child’s room to find him/her doing something very wrong.  You open your mouth and what comes out?  “What are you doing”.   Now. It isn’t that you don’t know what they are doing, but more that you require them to acknowledge it.  Hmm.   Jesus asks you: “What are you looking for?”    Is it a sugar-daddy?   A financial wish granter?   Are you looking for someone to get even with all your enemies?  Someone to deliver you from the oppression of the Romans?   Why is this even important?   Because 1)   The Saved shall see Him - “we shall see him as he is” 1st John 3:2.     And 2)   The Un-saved shall see Him - see Rev. 20:11-15.   By the way, you fall into one of these categories either by choice or default.    We need to have it right, and on His terms if for no other reason than: “For the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgement unto the Son” John 5:22.    A Righteous Judge.   That’s what He is.  That’s who He is.  Whom seek ye?   You can’t come to Christ with a deal. You have nothing to offer.  No    If - Than   statements.  No qualifications.   Just humbly, with repentance and surrender.   Whom seek ye?

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