Vandalism at Pine Bar
The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM's) Pine Bar Recreation Site, a popular Salmon River boat launch site and campground located 11 miles south of Cottonwood, ID, has been recently vandalized, for the third year in a row.A bullet hole in the toilet door at Pine Bar Recreation Area. Anyone with information concerning the vandalism is asked to contact either the BLM Ranger or the Idaho County Sheriff’s Dept.
According to BLM Cottonwood Field Manager William Runnoe, vandals have damaged facilities at this site, around this same time of year, since the site was upgraded with new restrooms and other facilities in October 2007.  "In 2008, vandals fired shots through a new vault toilet door, and in 2009 an information kiosk and garbage can were burned, and piles of the burned debris and litter were strewn around the site."  
"Last week, vandals struck again," Runnoe said.  "This time, someone fired shots through the toilet door and into the concrete base of the building.  Two signs were also damaged at the site."
Runnoe hopes that someone witnessed or has information about these vandalisms.  “There appears to be a trend here, and we’d like to put an end to it," he said.  "I am hoping someone will step forward with information that will help us convict those responsible.” 
The BLM spent over $3,000 to repair damages that occurred in 2008 and 2009.  Runnoe estimates it will cost another $1,300 to repair the damages from the most recent events.
Anyone with information concerning the vandalism at this or any other BLM site should contact BLM Ranger Richard Paine at (208) 962-3682, the BLM Cottonwood Field Office at (208) 962-3245 or the Idaho County Sheriff’s office at (208) 983-1100.

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