Whatsoever Things Are True
by Dan Coburn
Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church
The Arrest and Trial.
 Matt. 26:47-68
We are hours from the Cross.   All History had been looking forward to it, and every subsequent generation has been looking back.   
People are fascinated with trials.   Now there is a network “Court TV” dedicated to only trials. OJs trial;   Watergate?  Nixon resigned, some of his staff imprisoned. Nazi war criminals?    Scopes monkey trial?   
Attorney Walter Chandler: “These trials are tame and commonplace compared to the trial and crucifixion of the Galilean peasant. These were earthly trials, on earthly issues, before earthly courts. But the trial of the Nazarene was before the high tribunal of both Heaven and earth.”
This was not the trial of the decade, century, but All Time. 
Let’s go beyond the facts today. Let’s actually be emotional - elab. We often say: “Jesus died for my sin” yawn.   
Pray – that God will give me a deeper capacity to love, worship, appreciate, and focus on Him.   
History:   from Supper, to Garden, to Betrayal.   
1)   The Deception. vs 47 - 50. Judas was last in the Upper Room, then went and struck a bargain with Jesus’ enemies.  Jesus had identified him as the one. Hmm? Why did the religious leaders need Judas?   
a) Fear of public opinion.    b)   Fear of Jesus.  c) Venue.   small audience.   
2) The Kiss. vs 48-49.    Slave might kiss a foot. Disciple might kiss the hem of a garment.    This (kiss and embrace) said He is my personal friend.       Hypocreaceae.       
Vs 50 A Question that wasn’t a question. Jesus Knew.   See NAS version. “But Jesus sayest unto him, Judas, betrayest thou the Son of man with a kiss?” - Luke 22:48. His name (Judas) was praise, but who would name their child Judas now? “Judas kissed the Door to heaven, and went to hell” - Adrian Rodgers.   
The Multitude: all four gospels.  Luke includes the Temple Police = security guards. Limited authority, permitted by Rome. Roman Soldiers; John 18:3 — “I Am”. Cohort = 600.   Lanterns and torches. Pharisees were taking no chances.   Luke also records the Religious leaders with all their pomp and circumstance. 
3) The Foolishness of Peter;   vs 51-53.    Peter was no coward.  Hunting knife?    He just didn’t get it.  “You’ll never go to the cross”.  
Vs 53 = 12 legions of angels.  6,000.   Assyrians?  185,000?   Was that the limit? Or did the angel just run out of Assyrians?   
Vs 52 is controversial.    Not espousing passivity.   Elab.
What then, was He forbidding?   The Advancement of Christianity by force.   Historically tragic.   Islam?     Rom. 1:16 “power of God”.  2nd Cor. 10:4-5 = “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds; Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;” 
4) The Fulfillment of Prophesy:   vs 54.   The Cross was not an accident.   Jesus life was in no wise taken from Him.   
Nugget:   All that persecuted Him then, or now (hmm) will, whether by angels or the Word of His mouth, be Recompensed.   
 A Dysfunctional trial.   Civil? Their desire was to kill Him. All the judges were vile.   Annas was the real High Priest, but due to Roman collation, Caiaphas his son in law was acting.    
 Annas was in charge of the temple. Exchange rate?   Sacrificial animals for sale of approval?  He was the equivalent of organized crime. Jesus cleansed the Temple?    
 Wouldn’t answer Annas, so sent to Caiaphas.    Trial was Illegal:
Night? High Priest was Moderator, - passive role?    Jesus had no council? Vs 59 reveals Plot, not a trial.   
Nugget: Perjury was punishable by the defendants sentence.   
Verdict? 62. Under Oath   63, Jesus answers?  Quoted Scripture that they knew. There was lots of evidence if they were looking: Tribe?  Nazarene? Miracles?   Betrayed by friend? Acts 2:22-23 (scripture).  

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