Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

Letter to the Editor,
 We, the members of Hope India Team, under the leadership of Lonna Vopatís In His Grace Ministries would like to thank the various generous organizations and individuals of our prairie communities who have donated to support our two week mission trip, March 14-28. Your generous support will have helped bring this aid and Christian message of hope to people in the cities of Mumbai, Lonavala and Dhanora in addition to two smaller remote villages. Various merchants have donated food for the fund-raiser dinner; our local thrift stores and several individuals have donated childrenís clothing; people have donated funds to finance the womenís dresses being made as well as money for hygiene bags to be distributed at the womenís prison; resources have been donated for the building of storage at the Hope House orphanage; materials have been donated in order for us to do VBS at a school for 300 children at the Bethany School in addition to educational materials for their facility. We owe you all a big debt of gratitude for your support and encouragement, and count ourselves very fortunate to live among a compassionate people.
Lonna and Dillon Vopat; Cynthia Onthank, Bob and Terri Helena, Carletta Allen, Natalie and Eli Kretzmann, Kim Greenwood, Levi and Klarey Ewing, Gene Sampley


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