Prairie TSA cleans up at State
Fourteen industrious students headed to the University of Idaho to compete in the Idaho Technology Student Association Convention on Thursday March 11th.
The Prairie TSA Club competed against students from Wallace, Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho Falls, Homedale, Minico, Rexburg, Meridian and a few more schools.
After the club registered, several students had to take qualifying tests in construction, electronics, tech bowl, and parliamentary procedure. Some of the tests narrow down the field of entrants for an event, others are combined with your on site event to come up with a winner. 
1st place winners were: Cody Tillinghast in Dragster Design; Kyle Holthaus and Troy Lorentz in Construction; Garrett Workman in Flight Endurance; Kyle Holthaus and Troy Lorentz in Manufacturing Open event with a lodge pole pine frame laser engraved mirror; Robin Krol, Silas Whitley, Garrett Workman and DJ Walker in Manufacturing Prototype and Electronic Research and Design with an electronic maze.
2nd place winners were: Garrett Workman in Dragster Design; Troy Lorentz, Kyle Holthaus, Chris Hoene, and Cody Tillinghast in Architectural Model; DJ Walker, Silas Whitley, and Garrett Workman in Tech Bowl; Robin Krol in Promotional Graphics; Derek Vanderpas in Transportation Model.
3rd place winners were Kyle Holthaus in Dragster Design; Tyler Workman in Promotional Graphics; and Matt Jungert in Flight Endurance.
Other students competing in the events were: Chris Bradley - Dragster Design, Flight Endurance, Robotics Challenge and Structural Engineering; Chris Hoene – Construction Systems, Dragster Design, Robotics Challenge, and Technology Problem Solving; Kyle Holthaus – Chapter Team and Structural Engineering; Matt Jungert - Robotics Challenge, Safety Poster and Structural Engineering; Mitch Jungert - Chapter Team, Technology Problem Solving and Transportation Model; Robin Krol – Structural Engineering and Technology Problem Solving; Troy Lorentz - Dragster Design and Structural Engineering; Cody Tillinghast – Construction Systems, Robotics Challenge and Technology Problem Solving; Derek Vanderpas – Dragster Design and Technology problem Solving; DJ Walker – Safety Poster and Technology Problem Solving; Claire Whitley – Chapter Team, Promotional Graphics, Safety Poster and Structural Engineering; Silas Whitley – Chapter Team, Dragster Design, Flight Endurance, Robotics Challenge, Structural Engineering and Technology Problem Solving; Garrett Workman – Robotics Challenge; Tyler Workman – Chapter Team, Imaging Technology, Structural Engineering.  
First place winners have the opportunity to attend the TSA National Convention in Baltimore, Maryland during the last week of June. We are checking on whether other winners will be able to attend. We will be having fund raisers to help offset the expenses of the trip to Baltimore.
It is big commitment on the part of the students to prepare for this convention. Some of the events took as long as 4 months to research, plan and build. Rhonda Wemhoff helped out with the Architectural Model, giving advice on the Alzheimer’s structure, Rick and Laurie Workman, George Hager, Pat Enneking and Roger Holthaus helped out with a variety of projects. Without the help of these individuals, it would have been difficult to have covered all these areas in class. Their help is greatly appreciated by the students and Mr. Richardson.

The Prairie TSA Club at the TSA convention March 11. Kneeling from left are Mr. Richardson, Troy Lorentz, Chris Bradley and Chris Hoene. Middle from left are Silas Whitley, Kyle Holthaus, Claire Whitely, Tyler Workman, Derek VanderPas and Garrett Workman. Back from left are Cody Tillinghast, D.J. Walker, Robin Krol, Matt Jungert and Mitch Jungert. Photo courtesy of Jerry Richardson. 

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