School board works on budget
By Gary Blaz, Superintendent
At Monday night’s District Trustee meeting our board members and administrative team discussed paring down our budgets to meet the $596,118 deficit that we are facing for the upcoming 2010-11 school year.
It was agreed upon to cut 23% of Administrative salaries, 9% Classified positions/salaries, with Certified Negotiations starting this Thursday. As indicated in the past, the trustees are trying to make sure cuts are happening in a fair, equitable process across the board. With these cuts the district will be very close to state salary expectation. Meaning the district will not be over staffed by state standards.
We are also dissecting our budget line items to make everyone and every program accountable to district goals. For this upcoming year we are asking everyone to help out in any way possible. We are trying to keep valuable programs, but make them as frugal as possible.
I truly believe that our patrons should be able to realize even more so that the best way to solve this budget crisis is to continue with the goal of closing a building. We need to stay on this path to justify our budgets due to enrollment decreases.
The board also accepted High School Principal Todd Shumway’s resignation. Mr. Shumway will be sorely missed by the students and staff that he served.

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