Summit holds hotshot competition
Nearly two months of practice, shooting, and competition ended last week at Summit Academy, as their third annual Hotshot contest came to an end.  With 45% of the student body participating, grades 3-12, eight students finished as winners in the finals contest ending last week.
Winners in the 3rd/4th grade competition were Angie Wemhoff, with a best score of 36, a new school record for that level, and Justin Wassmuth with his score of 41.  Second and third place finishers for the girls was Lauren Stubbers and “Gus” Chmelik, while Dylan Schumacher with 34 and Luke Schwartz with his 30 finished out that level bracket.  Winners were given a 1st place medallion and a small ball for their accomplishments. 2nd and 3rd winners in all brackets received ribbons noting their accomplishments. 
With trophies awarded first place winners, and ribbons for 2nd and 3rd, the 5th/6th level produced winner Joline Chmelik with her new school record of 46, and Chris Osborne with a one point, 47 total, win in the boys devision.  Tyson Schlader finished a close second with 46, and Thomas Schwartz followed with a close 43.  On the girls side, Kaitlen Stubbers finished second with 37 and Maggie Chmelik third with 34. 
At the 7th/8th level, Kayla Schumacher’s 49 was good for 1st place, with Abbie Chmelik netting 35 and Nicole Wemhoff 28, finishing 2nd and 3rd. 
The boys bracket also produced a new level record, as Josh Lustig took home the first place trophy with a score of 55, followed closely by Rhett Schlader and Thomas Waters, each with 51 for a tie in second place.
Sophomore Savanah Prigge posted 44 in her division, to finish first in the high school girls division for the second year in a row, with Brooke Schumacher tallying 35 and Jaime Chmelik 23 for second and third honors. 
Putting a fitting finish on the entire contest, Josh Frei in the high school boys division posted an all-time school record of 60 as he walked away with the boys division; David Waters’ 37 and Josh Schlader’s 31 enough for 2nd and 3rd in that division.  With the high school season filled with regular and tourney games, that level drew the smallest percentage of contestants. 
Scores posted in the hotshot contest were earned by shooting one three, worth 3 if successful, two mid-range shots, each worth 2, and three ones, right under the basket.  Contestants are given two minutes to continue a cycle of this nature, getting their own rebounds, and putting up as many shots as possible during the time allotted.  At the 3rd/4th level, the “three” is a shot from the foul line. 
Current school record holders dating back over three years are as follows: 3rd/4th grade: Angie Wemhoff – 36, Tyson Schlader 44.  5th/6th grade: Joline Schmelik – 46, and Josh Lustig – 50.  7th/8th grade: Brooke Schumacher – 51, and Josh Lustig – 55.  High School: Savanah Prigge – 48, and Josh Frei – 60. 

Summit Academy’s Hotshot competition winners. From left are Josh Lustig, Justin Wassmuth, Josh Frei, Chris Osborne, Savanah Prigge, 
Joline Chmelik, Kayla Schumacher and Angie Wemhoff.

Josh Frei scores inside against Nezperce.
School competition at Summit Academy produced three winners in the recently sponsored Inland Cellular Hotshot Contest, with 7th grader Rhett Schlader emerging as the school winner and competitor at local district basketball tournaments.  Attending one of the level 1-A, Division I district tournaments this past winter, Rhett found himself competing with his brother, Beau, who emerged as the over-all district winner and the recipient of Inland Cellular’s touch-screen cell phone with a year’s service. Shown from left are Josh Lustig, Rhett Schlader and Savanah Prigge. The big brother, little brother competition proved to be an intersting one, as an overtime shootoff was recorded before Rhett was vanquished by his older high school brother. 

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