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To the Editor
I write this to believers and to those who donít know what to believe! You nonbelievers, this will only confuse you more than you already are. 
The question , where life begins, I think can be answered by reading ST. Luke chapter one (verses 1:28 thru 1:46 ) Consider this, the baby in the womb of Elisabeth was 6 months old, and the baby in the womb of Mary had just been conceived, There had to be life in the womb of Mary if the baby in Elisabeth could feel the presents his Lord. And this should be your answer to anyone who feels itís OK to kill babies...... My question is, Why donít the Church Bishops have the guts to excommunicate these congressmen and senators who vote for the killing of these babies???? Is it because they think the church will lose money?? I hope not. Maybe our Bishops need to hear from the people too!! 
E -mail addresses:Media-Relations@usccb.org, elainejws@pnwumc.org, pboffice@episcopalchurch.org, support@baptist.org, If you want other e mail addresses you can find them on the web.
You can contact me at: lhuntley@msn.com
Leland Huntley
Cottonwood 83522

To the Editor
Iím very excited to be able to inform all Idaho County voters about a great candidate for Idaho County Clerk. Kathy Ackerman has been a positive influence for me throughout my life. Not only has she been like a second mother to me, she has also led me in numerous situations. Kathy was my 4-H leader and church youth group leader for multiple years, and was a great help in showing me what it takes to be a good leader. I believe that her leadership helped to influence the actions I took as a leader in 4-H, student government and sports programs throughout high school, and the position I have now in my first year at the University of Idaho.
Kathy Ackerman would be a great leader for our county, and I am very proud to indorse her as the best candidate for the position. Kathy has great capability as a leader and will strive to lead the best she can. I am excited to have a candidate that cares so much about the youth and voters like myself. I have no reservation with my decision to vote for Kathy Ackerman as Idaho County Clerk, and I strongly encourage others to follow my lead.
Dana Groom
2008-2009 Grangeville High School Student Body President


Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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