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To the Editor
 High, Wide, but not Handsome
 For years small business owners, local Chambers of Commerce and numerous other organizations worked diligently to secure special recognition for Idaho’s Highway 12. They did so both to garner economic benefits for the region and to protect our rural lifestyle. They were highly successful. Highway 12 in Idaho became designated officially as the Northwest Passage Scenic Byway, and more recently as one of only 27 All American Roads in the nation. 
This summer Imperial Oil/ExxonMobil will begin shipping hundreds of loads of mining equipment, some measuring up to 120 feet long and 24 feet wide, over our scenic byway. In future years, more will come. The Port of Lewiston plans to expand their dock and the road connections to U. S. 12, citing “a new opportunity to off-load oversized equipment” being transported to Canada, Wyoming and the U.S. mid-west. In a grant application, they write “If one oil company is successful with this alternative transportation route, many other companies will follow their lead.”
Our U.S. 12 Scenic Byway will become instead what the oil companies are calling a “High and Wide Corridor.” In other words, this highway will become an industrial mega-rig truck route. Those of us who live and earn a living along the scenic byway are perceived as just rural, country folk. Big oil doesn’t care what happens to our small businesses, our communities or our lifestyle. Apparently the State of Idaho and the Port of Lewiston don’t either.
Linwood Laughy
5695 Highway 12
Kooskia, Idaho 83539 

Dear Editor,
I am writing in support of Joan Hall, for Idaho County Clerk.  
Since 1973 Joan has always served in a capacity where one would not be if she didn’t understand figures. Her career working for the county was started in the assessor’s office. She left the assessors office and shifted to the treasurer’s office as chief  Deputy.  For the past three years she has worked for Rose Gehring as the deputy clerk in Magistrate Court.  
I am also impressed with additional schooling she has already sought in preparation, for the Idaho County Clerks position.  I have heard all three candidates speak and in my personal opinion she is the most qualified.  I admire Joan for seeking this hefty job.
We have been long time friends with Joan and husband Marvin.  This goes back to the Idaho Western Lumber Mill Days where my husband Jerry worked with Marvin and we got to know both of them.  
I encourage you vote for good old fashioned experience. 
Betty Alm 

To the Editor
I would like to take this opportunity to express my support for Kathy Ackerman as the next Idaho County Clerk.
 I have known Kathy for the last 40 Years, on a personal and professional level. As young adults our families spent many weekends camping and fishing together. I have found Kathy to be very level headed and practical about matters. Taking the time to look at a situation and devise a direct approach to fixing the problem. Kathy’s commitment to her husband Bob and their family is one of her qualities that I have always admired the most.
In 1997 during my tenure as Idaho County Sheriff, Kathy came to work at the Sheriff’s Office as the Civil Deputy. Kathy brought to work with her the same qualities that I had seen in her personal life. Kathy’s commitment to learning all the different aspects of the law pertaining to Civil Department earned her not only the confidence of her fellow co-workers, but recognition and an appointment as a state certified instructor in civil process.
I am confident when elected Kathy will serve Idaho County to the utmost of her ability. To guarantee the same level of quality service that we have come to know and expect from the Clerk’s Office, please join me and vote for Kathy Ackerman Idaho County Clerk. 
Gene Meinen 

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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