Summit Academy announces honor roll
Honor roll records released this week by Summit Academy noted seven high school students with maximum grade points of 4.00, or straight A averages. One senior, Dylan Prigge; one junior, Rachel Wemhoff; and five sophomores, Nicole Frei, Derek Nuxoll, Savanah Prigge, Rachel Uhlenkott and David Waters earned those highest honors.
Earning high honor recognition with a grade point of 3.75 or better were seniors Josh Frei-3.83, Tara Stubbers-3.97, and Margaret Yalbuw-3.91; and frosh Kody Duclos-3.97.
In the honor class with a grade point between 3.5 and 3.75 were the following: sophomores Anthony Chmelik-3.74, Austin Chmelik-3.60 and Courtney Schwartz-3.69.
In the elementary school with grade averages of 90% or better were the following students:
8th grade: Abby Chmelik, Sarah Chmelik, Kayla Duclos, Rachael Frei, Gregory Hattrup, Megan Rehder, Matthew Schwartz, Nicole Wemhoff and Michael Waters.
7th grade: Kayla Schumacher and Megan Seubert.
6th grade: Jolene Chmelik, Thomas Schwartz, Ashlee Stubbers, Kaitlen Stubbers and Rachel Waters.
5th grade: Bridget Beckman, Lindsey Goeckner, Chris Osborne, Tyson Schlader and Ellie Watson.
4th grade: Lucy Osborne, Luke Schwartz, Lauren Stubbers, Justin Wassmuth and Angela Wemhoff.
3rd grade: Taylor Lustig and Kayla Rehder.

Perfect attendance at Summit
Third quarter perfect attendance records submitted this week by Summit officials gave evidence of a tough quarter as only a relative few of the 105 students there managed to make it to school every day.
At the high school level, only Jaime Chmelik, a junior, managed to make the list while elementary students qualifying are as follows:
7th & 8th grades: none.
5th & 6th grades: Lance Goeckner, Thomas Schwartz, Bridget Beckman, Jacinta Kuther and Ellie Watson.
3rd & 4th grades: Rachel Chmelik, Mary Kuther, Taylor Lustig, Dylan Schumacher, Theresa Wemhoff, Luke Schwartz and Angela Wemhoff.
1st & 2nd grades: Hope Schwartz, Lane Wassmuth, James Blitz, Nicholas Beckman and Aaron Goeckner.

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