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To the Editor
It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse and ask your support for Kathy Ackerman in next month’s primary race for Idaho County Clerk.  I have known Kathy for many years and I was thrilled that she decided to run for the County Clerk position.  Kathy will have no trouble stepping into that office and discharging the duties of that office with a high degree of professionalism just as she has in the other positions she has held in the Courthouse over the years.  I have every confidence that her friendly demeanor, honesty and years of experience will bring continued integrity and friendly customer service to the Clerk’s Office and the County as a whole.  We will be well served with Kathy as our County Clerk.
Denis B. Duman

Dear Idaho County Voter:
When I learned that my friend and collogue, Kathy M. Ackerman, was running for public office, I jumped at the chance to write this letter in support of her and recommend her to you, the voter. 
I have had the pleasure of knowing Kathy and her family for almost 4 years, having first met Kathy as a fellow instructor teaching for POST, the certification and testing board for all police officers in the state of Idaho. Kathy has been a master level instructor for most of the time that I have worked with her. These duties, which I have seen her perform at the highest level, include not only instructing, but assisting in creating and rewriting curriculum to be used in the course of instruction. 
She has also been responsible for organizing the many varied details of the courses of instruction, setting up location and the logistics for instructing, as well culling together teaching cadres suitable for different locations and situation. Kathy is a team player, and a leader by nature. 
As I said it is my pleasure to recommend Kathy to you and I feel you would be rewarded greatly by selecting her as your public servant.
Ray Ellis
Detective, Meridian City
Meridian Police Department
Meridian, ID 83642

To the Editor
I recently retired as a police officer after 33 years.  During my career, I was an instructor in many fields and I had the good fortune to become a co-instructor with Kathy Ackerman.
Our courses were a week long in length and during that time I became not only a colleague, but a good friend of Kathy’s.  Over many hours of teaching and conversation, I was able to observe Kathy in many ways.
I learned more than the usual things such as her written and verbal skills, problem-solving abilities, etc. but also how keenly committed she is to her family, her Church and most of all to her community.  She has been very active in many community endeavors such as 4-H, Youth Ministry and school activities.  
Kathy has been a Civil Deputy for the Idaho County Sheriff’s Department giving her the opportunity to learn how local government works as well as how to deal with citizens. Dealing with civil seizures and delinquent tax warrants is often a thankless job, but Kathy loves trying to help people through these problems.
As a person between middle age and those “golden years”, I have never written a letter of support for any candidate, but then Kathy is not just any candidate.
I would strongly urge all persons to cast their vote for Kathy Ackerman for the Idaho County Clerk.
Don Furu

To the editor
My name is Connie Lehtola.  Many of you know me from the many years I have worked in the Driver's License Office.  I am writing to encourage you to vote for Kathy Ackerman for the position of Idaho County Clerk.
I came to know Kathy when she was an employee in the District Court Office from 1987-1997.  I have worked directly with Kathy in the Sheriff's Department for over 12 years.  She works regularly as my back-up person in the Driver's License Office where she relates well with the public and provides the quality service our customers expect.
As Civil Deputy, Kathy has tackled numerous challenges.  Her knowledge of Idaho Code is remarkable and she is able to apply it effectively in the handling of her many duties as Civil Deputy.  I have heard Kathy discussing complex legal situations with attorneys, as well as explaining, in simple terms, basic legal procedures to individuals who know nothing about the judicial system.  She is able to converse at either level and does so with courtesy.
Kathy has been an Idaho Peace Officer Standards & Training Certified Instructor for 12 years.  While she actively shares her knowledge and skills with others, she also continues to seek ways to improve herself and expand her knowledge base.
Any one of these qualities would make Kathy an excellent candidate for this important position.  All of  them together make her the right candidate.  Please join  me in voting for Kathy Ackerman on May 25. 
Connie Lehtola

 Dear Editor,
Most of you will not know either candidate for the State Supreme Court, so I would like to tell you a little about the one that I know.
I am a sixth generation Idahoan, having been raised in the Salmon/Challis area of Idaho, and am the Prosecuting Attorney for Clearwater County, Idaho.  I have practiced law in Clearwater County and the surrounding counties for nearly 15 years.  Like most rural Idaho counties, we struggle to get the services most urban areas take for granted, and that includes the court systems.
Judge John Bradbury was elected to the bench in my judicial district (the 2nd Judicial District) about 7 years ago after a long and successful career in law both inside and outside of the State of Idaho.  He has increased the District Court’s presence in Clearwater County from a few days a month to two days a week, and has constantly striven to bring to rural Idaho those services lacking prior to his involvement.  He has made sure people’s right to jury trials have been provided.  He brought a mental health court and drug court into the County (the first for rural Idaho), believing that the schizophrenia sufferer in Orofino, Salmon, Challis and all similarly situated communities is just as ill as the one in Boise.   He has brought full time District Court judicial services to Clearwater, Idaho and Lewis Counties, for the first time in my memory.  
Rural Idaho deserves a proper place in this State, and the Idaho Supreme Court needs some perspective into our issues and concerns.   Judge John Bradbury brings that perspective, and has my endorsement as a result.  
E. Clayne Tyler
Prosecuting Attorney
Clearwater County, Idaho

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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