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Support Nuxoll for State Senate District 8 
If there was ever a time in the history of our country that we need our elected officials to truly have a sincere and selfless motive to be in a political position, it is now. An elected official that isnít looking for their own self interest, but truly fears the direction our country is taking and feels that it is their duty and obligation to bring our country back to the principals that it was founded on, is truly needed in the upcoming elections. 
Sheryl Nuxoll is this person. Sheryl believes that we need to allow the private sector to increase jobs by eliminating government expansion and burdensome regulations, and to restore the power of governing back to the states as required by the 10th amendment. Less government, more opportunity is the campaign slogan that Sheryl Nuxoll chose to represent her philosophy of how our country should be run. For these reasons, I agreed to be treasurer for the Sheryl Nuxoll for Senate campaign and I ask you to support her in the primary election. 
Mike Frei 

Joan Hall is currently serving on the Idaho County Fair board and I have worked with her for several years and witnessed her integrity. She is an asset to the board and strives to make the county fair an enjoyable event for the entire county with thoughtful listening and decision-making skills. I believe she will be a conscientious and capable Idaho county Clerk.
Pamela McIntire
Kamiah, Idaho

To The Editor:
 I am writing to ask for your support for Joan Hall for Idaho County Clerk. 
I have known Joan since grade school and had the opportunity to work with her in the Treasurer/Tax Collectors office for a couple of years.  She has always been very professional and takes great pride in her work.  Her knowledge of work in the Assessor's office, which shows how market values affect our tax bills, is invaluable.
She also worked as a deputy Treasurer in the Treasurer/Tax Collector's office where she had to compute tax charges, generate tax bills, help when customers paid their taxes and balanced the accounts so the monies could be sent to the Auditors office.
I know she put in many extra hours making sure all accounts were balanced and all monies were accounted for.  Since beginning work in the District Court Office, she again has added more knowledge of the court system.  Joan has a superb understanding of figures and uses that knowledge wisely. 
Joan also is involved with the county while serving time on the Idaho County Fair Board. She again has put her best foot forward in this job.
I'm asking you to vote for Joan for Idaho County Clerk.  With her moral values, good social skills, willingness to learn new things, great experience, and the determination to make things better for Idaho County, we can't go wrong.
Denise Poxleitner

Dear Editor:
As you, and many, if not all of your readers, are aware the Idaho County Clerk's primary race is being held on May 25, 2010. There are several candidates running, and I would like to give my support to one of them, Kathy Ackerman. Even though I do not live in Idaho County, I have had the opportunity to work with and get to know Mrs. Ackerman over the past 12 years. Kathy and I are both in law enforcement here in Idaho as well as both being Instructor Development Instructors for the State of Idaho's Peace Officer's Standards & Training Commission (POST). 
Professionally, I have found Kathy to be a very bright, hardworking, dedicated and conscientious law enforcement official and instructor. She truly cares about the people of Idaho County as well as her students. She is considered an asset by her peers, students and superiors. She is also very concerned about the end product of her work, and she always insures that her students, co-workers and superiors get her very best in every endeavor. Kathy cares about people and how her actions have a positive influence on them. She is the type of civil servant all government employees should strive to become.
Personally, Kathy is a great family person, being very proud of and supportive of her children and husband. Additionally, she is a great friend to have, and I feel very lucky to be considered one of her friends. She is very dependable, honest, trustworthy as well as insightful and intelligent. She is a confidant to many and always uses tact when dealing with difficult issues. She is the type of friend that we all try to become.
Even with all the positive traits that Kathy will bring to the Office of County Clerk, she is still a very humble person at heart. She is a humble person who cares about people and the government of Idaho County. The skills that Kathy will bring to the Office of Idaho County Clerk, both professionally and personally, make her, in my opinion, the best candidate for Idaho County Clerk. If I were a resident of Idaho County, Kathy Ackerman would have earned my vote for County Clerk.
Charles Albanese

Sheryl Nuxoll for Senate-District 8
Finally, a great supporter for the northern area of District 8. 
She will vote with sound conviction for the folks in District 8.
She has the courage to oppose liberal agendas that inflict more burdensome regulations on all citizens. She advocates the God-given rights as provided in the Constitution of the U.S. and the State of Idaho. She will vote for legislation to open up local job opportunities with tax breaks for small businesses and less regulations that affect all our daily lives.
She is a champion of the 1st, 2nd and 10th amendments, is a member of NRA and defends Life in all stages.
Attends Church too much!! Didnít know this behavior was detrimental to the political scene. Actually it enhances oneís basic values, principles and ethics.
Consider a vote for Sheryl Nuxoll in the Primary Election on May 25, 2010.
Hilda Nuttman

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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