Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

To the Person and/or Persons going around the Country stealing the campaign sings for Joan Hall, I have one question for you: WHY?
The signs you are stealing are not just the little yard signs, but the larger signs which are attached to the posts with zip ties: they cannot just blow away on their own and leave the posts standing. You are not helping the people running against Joan, in fact you are making them look like they are running an unethical campaign and I would not vote for someone like this. Not only that, but when you steal these signs, you are trespassing on private property. You in fact trespassed on MY private property and the property of my neighbors and friends who graciously allowed these signs to be posted.
A lot of time and money went into making and putting up these signs, money that came out of Joan’s own pocket, so, I find no humor in this situation. If you still have the signs, please return them so they can be placed back where they were when you stole them or a healthy donation to her campaign fund would be acceptable.
Oh and one last thing – SHAME ON YOU!
Miki Wemhoff

I have decided to support the candidacy of Sheryl Nuxoll for Idaho State Senate seat for District 8.  If you are weary of the same tired approach toward government in our State I encourage you to consider a new face in the crowd, Sheryl Nuxoll.  I have spend no small amount of time studying Nuxoll’s approach to government and found it refreshing to discover a candidate who holds dear the traditional American values that have served this State and this Nation for over two hundred years.  If you are looking for a representative who believes in our Constitution, supports smaller government, control of tax escalation, the Second Amendment, States Rights, believes in a strong system of education and is pro-life Sheryl Nuxoll is your candidate! 
In today’s political environment is also encouraging to hear a candidate who believes it is a privilege to serve in government and who vows to never forget who she would be working for and why she is there.
A vote for Sheryl Nuxoll is a positive vote for Idaho.  She has my vote and I encourage your readers to give her theirs as well.
Al Bolden
White Bird, ID

To The Editor:
We support Sheryl Nuxoll for Senate District 8.  We agree with her platform and trust that she will defend what she believes.
Concerning education, Sheryl's personal choice in the past, after public schooling, was homeschooling and private schooling.  She believes that every parent is the primary educator of their children and respects and supports every parent's choice to choose the school that is best for their child.  And, she believes every child deserves an education as provided by the state constitution.  Therefore, Sheryl believes in funding for public schools.  In her experience as a high school teacher, she believes teachers are underpaid for the important work that they do.  She believes in local control of the school district.  Sheryl would like to see more funding for the schools coming from an increase in private sector jobs.
Vote for Sheryl Nuxoll on May 25th.
Thank you,
Randy and Vicki Shears
Cottonwood, Idaho

To the Editor
I would like to take a moment to share with you and your readers my recommendation for Kathy Ackerman who is running for Idaho County Clerk.
As a Training Manager for Idaho Peace Officers, I am frequently involved in many levels of State and local government and the dedicated individuals who routinely provided those services many of us take for granted.
The training of law enforcement personnel is one of the most challenging responsibilities that I have ever had the honor of participating in, and witnessing the end result humbling as seeing our law enforcement professionals meeting their daily tasks, serving their communities, and going home safely at the end of watch to their families gratifying, it wouldn't happen without the dedication and professionalism of trainers like Kathy Ackerman.
I have had the great pleasure of working with Kathy for the past ten plus years while she has worked as a Civil Deputy for the Idaho County Sheriff's Office and also as a trainer of law enforcement instructors. Kathy's knowledge, dedication, and abilities to lead by example and effectively train those who go on to become certified law enforcement trainers exceeds all expectations, but if you know Kathy, then you also know that is just her way of approaching all of her responsibilities.
I can assure you that Kathy is well qualified to perform the duties of County Clerk as she is a multi-talented individual who can be trusted to ensure a quality job and accomplishment of needs for the County at all times. I know her to be a bright and intelligent personality that inspires those who come in contact with her. She sets a positive and consistent tone of an open minded and approachable individual while delving into any situation for a thorough understanding and execution of tasks.
The position of County Clerk is highly important to the efficiency of the courts and community, I can think of no other person more qualified and trustworthy to assume the publics trust and fulfill those responsibilities then Kathy Ackerman.
John C Parmann 
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Dear Editor
I would appreciate your vote for my sister Pat Alfrey (Patsy Frei) for Idaho County Clerk.  Pat's experience working for the Maricopa County Court Clerk in Arizona, working for Washington Attorneys, and managing the Darren Fales law office has provided her a strong background in dealing with Court issues and personnel. 
Pat lost her husband Lonnie after a long bout with cancer and has done a wonderful job the past 4 years raising their two young children and managing a household on a limited income.   Not only has she been able to maintain a comfortable family home, she has budgeted for improvements and family vacations.  
Pat is active in civic affairs including chairperson of the Ferdinand Community Halloween party, is a member of the Ferdinand Catholic Church and Choir, has her children involved in many 4-H programs, coaches t-ball and currently serves as a member of the Prairie Joint School District #242 District Board of Trustees.
I know Pat's enthusiasm for life, dedication to her family and strong conservative values will make her an effective Idaho County Court Clerk.   Please VOTE for PAT ALFREY.
Tammy Baldus

A Clear Choice for Idaho Governor
Dear Editor:
I'm  wondering how many Idaho voters are aware of what candidate Rex Rammell could and would do for our state as Idaho's 33rd Governor.
Today, with our state and national economies practically on life support, this candidate has solutions.  All he needs to make his plan work is the support of the voters behind him.  I say, let's give him a chance!
Check it out:  Dr. Rammell is pledged to:
*  Revive Idaho's economy by urging our legislature to eliminate the personal and corporate income tax, as 3 other western states have already done, thus providing a billion dollar stimulus to Idaho's economy.
*  Eliminate a bloated and inefficient state educational bureaucracy by advocating that levels K-12 be placed back under local controls, and allocating and distributing funds to the counties on a per student basis, as required by the state constitution.
*  Bring new businesses to Idaho, while stimulating existing businesses, to provide more jobs, investments and growth.  This, in turn, would largely eliminate the demand for unemployment benefits and welfare, further helping Idaho's economy.
To learn much more, you're invited to come meet Rex Rammell on Saturday, May 8 at the Kooskia City Park, 12:30-3 p.m.
Thank You.
Carol J. Asher

To the Editor
With the national political climate we are experiencing today we are fortunate to have candidates of integrity running for office at the local level.  Kathy Ackerman, who is running for Idaho County Clerk, is one such candidate.
As an Idaho County employee for 23 years in the District Court and as a Civil Deputy, Kathy has the experience and knowledge needed to be an excellent County Clerk.  She is a true professional always treating people fairly and with respect.
Kathy’s outstanding leadership skills have been demonstrated as a Peace Officer Standards & Training Certified Instructor, as an Idaho County 4-H Leader and as the Youth Leader at her church.  Her enthusiasm for serving others is evident in all that she does. 
Kathy’s experience and knowledge combined with her leadership abilities make her an exceptional candidate for Idaho County Clerk.  Join me on May 25th and vote Kathy M. Ackerman for Idaho County Clerk.
Susie Heckman
White Bird

Dear Editor;
My name is Tony Riffel, and it is a genuine pleasure and honor for me to write this letter in support of Kathy Ackerman as she runs for the office of the Idaho County Clerk   As a Special Victims Unit Detective for a Sheriff’s Office in north Idaho, I have the opportunity to meet many different types of people.  Kathy Ackerman is, by far, at the very top of that list, and someone I trust impeccably both as a professional, and as a friend.
I have known Kathy Ackerman for many years, and have observed her work ethic, dedication to duty, and commitment to the task at hand.  She works hard, giving 110% to get the job done right, the first time.  She is patient, kind, understanding, and compassionate as well, and is able to use a balanced approach, using all these positive character traits as she strives to meet her goals.  She has outstanding leadership abilities and is definitely a team player.
Kathy Ackerman is involved in the community, and dedicates much of her time helping others.  She has done this as a longtime County employee, and as a volunteer.  Her life genuinely reflects her values and beliefs, so with Kathy, you can rest assured you’ll have elected a person of integrity and honesty.  
I have the utmost confidence in Kathy Ackerman’s ability, character, and values.  There is no doubt in my mind that she will not only meet, but will exceed, your expectations as Idaho County Clerk.
Tony Riffel

Dear Editor,
Having worked with the Nuxolls in their cattle business for many years, I can enthusiastically support Sheryl for Legislative Dist. 8 Senate position.
Her integrity and common sense is what is needed in our political system. She would bring balanced representation to our large District and would work well with our current Representatives Ken Roberts and Paul Shepherd.
Her philosophy of smaller government with more accountability is what is desperately needed.
Thank You,
Don DeArmond

To the editor
Dissatisfaction with the legislature is running high in our country right now. Politician jokes are common for a reason, and the word “politics” often carries the negative connotation of an activity rooted in corruption.  Is it any wonder citizens of this country are disgusted when we see so many examples of politicians pursuing self-interest, selling-out on their proclaimed positions under pressure of blackmail or bribery?  It is enough to make a concerned citizen despair.  That is why I am so excited that Sheryl Nuxoll is running for our Idaho State Senate.  I have known Sherrie my entire life, and she is a woman of unimpeachable integrity.  She is a person whose values and ideals coincide with our great Idahoan tradition, and most importantly, she has the strength of character to remain firm in her convictions and unswayed by either threat or pay-off.  In other words, Sheryl would be a statesman in the style of the great founders and NOT a “politician.”  
Please vote for Sheryl Nuxoll in the upcoming primary election.  She is not a career politician who has lost touch with the real world.  She knows what it takes to run a business, to build a family, to strengthen a community, and she knows how to do it on a shoestring.  Sherrie is smart, honest, trustworthy, and she would be a credit to North Idaho in our State Senate. 
Kim Frei
Grangeville, ID

Raul Labrador, a Strong Conservative Leader 
Dear Editor:
I became involved in the political realm in 1994 after being inspired and mentored by Helen Chenoweth.  Helen was and still is one of my heroes. I think of her often, especially in times like our State and Nation is facing today.  After Helen left office, I continued working to get all Republicans who espoused conservative principles elected.  
As a grassroots campaigner for Republican candidates, I have knocked on thousands of doors in Idaho. What I hear over and over is that many people are very unhappy that many elected Republicans have not held to the Constitutional Principles they promised during campaigns.  Unfortunately I agree with them, and I too have become very disenchanted with many we in Idaho have elected. I am not interested in sending a smooth politician to Washington to represent Idaho. 
Raul Labrador has been one of a few very good men in the Idaho legislature. Raul Labrador has stood out as a true conservative leader.  While others were worried about what was to their own political advantage, Raul Labrador was standing for what is right, no matter the consequences. He is one of the most sincere men I have known and I know he has the moral fortitude to stand strong for Constitutional Principles. 
 LeeAnn Callear  

Dear Editor,
As we all know, good looks and political speeches can lead us to disaster. Please look beyond the superficial when voting for the Idaho congressional candidate.  
Ask yourself why Vaughn Ward came back to Idaho to run against Congressman Bill Sali, with the encouragement of the liberal "good ole boys" in Idaho? These liberal Repub-licans were unhappy with Bill Sali's conservative voting record going back 20 years. They were angry because Sali voted against the so called stimulus, TARP?  Wards plan was to run against Sali in the 2008 primary, but liberal Kirk Sullivan convinced him to wait until 2010 if Minnick hadn't beat Sali in the general election. He has been campaigning since, changing his retoric as he goes, depending on who he is speaking to. 
Ward says he wants to change the way Washington is run. What changes is he talking about? Earmarks? bailouts? big government? 
Congressman Sali stood against those very things. Why did he want to take him out? Why didn't he move to south Idaho and run against RINO Mike Simpson, who voted for earmarks, bailouts TARP, and more wilderness etc.
Why are all the Washington insiders backing Ward? Why are liberal Idaho Republicans like Sheila Sorenson promoting him?
I am joining the Idaho conservatives who support Representative Raul Labrador for Congress, a proven conservative. 
R.T. Dollemore

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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