Goeckner is Prairie Rocks guest
Lynn Goeckner generously offered her time to come speak to the Prairie ROCKS students last Thursday.  She talked about her experience at a Life in the Spirit Retreat.  Lynn told us that the priest began the retreat by encouraging each participant to pray to experience the Holy Spirit.  She, likewise, advised the students to be open to recognizing the Holy Spirit at work in their lives.
On Friday, as we discussed Lynnís talk, we identified faith, trust and surrender as the predominate virtues displayed in her experience.  We also considered the variety of ways that the Holy Spirit can speak to us as individuals:  through other people, in prayer, as a gut feeling, and through scripture to name just a few.  Our class ended with the students being challenged to remember during the weekend to invite the Holy Spirit into their lives.
Due to the fact that the last few weeks of school contain a flurry of extra activities, we will not be having speakers join us on Thursdays.  Thank you to the 15 wonderful people who have shared their stories with our class since Prairie ROCKS started in December.  The students agree that the single most evident thing they have learned through this program is that God is still working all kinds of miracles, big and small, in our every day lives.

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