Superintendent answers question about use of Forest Funds
By Gary Blaz
Superintendent of Schools
The question that was brought to my attention was: What amount of money do we currently have in this Forest Fund?
We currently have $663,047.00 in our account. This is a separate fund that is not part of the general fund or any other federal program such as Title I, Special Education, Transportation, Food Services, etc. These funds can be transferred only by trustee approval.
We are hoping to receive $498,164 for the year 2010-11 and $448,348 for the 2011-12 school year. The sum of the three figures should be an estimated $1,609,559.00.
Here are some of the items that we’ve spent this money on.
Off set general fund deficits -2009-10 -  146,318
Technology  -   $179,506  (wiring, computers, programs, servers, etc
High School gym  - $137,416 (floor, outside roof, inside ceiling, asbestosis removal, stage, baskets, etc.)
Middle School - $73,212  (ventilators, wiring, windows, roof, etc)
We have also spent monies on various maintenance upkeep and equipment, ie; snow removal, lawn mowers, fans in elementary gym, etc.
These are just estimates with any detail numbers available by calling our central office. All figures are public knowledge and need trustee approval before they can be used.
The district’s goal is to utilize the Craig / Wyden funds to help eliminate future general fund annual expenditures. This way we will not be a burden to our patrons in the future. The future plan of remodeling buildings is an on going decision with public input suggested. Please call any of my phone numbers or your board member for further information.

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