Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

To the Editor:
If you didn’t attend the performance of “Big Bad Musical” at Prairie High School last week, you really missed something.
It was put on  by the Drama Class led by Mr. John Eynon. It was very entertaining! So much talent, in both acting and singing, came from every member of the cast.
The school year is coming to a close, but please remember to attend an evening of enjoyment next fall when the drama class will put on another thrilling performance.
You don’t have to travel out of town to see a great show.
Bertie Forsmann

To the editor
When big government oversteps their rights and authority it is time for States to re-establish theirs. To do this one needs to elect people to State government who will not do the politically expedient thing but have the courage to do what they have pledged to do and to remember who hired them. Sherry Nuxoll is one such person. 
We've witnessed the betrayal of many politicians both Democrats and Republicans who forget "We the people" as soon as they reach office and acquire an exaggerated opinion of themselves.
Having known Sherry for years, I've watched her do the right thing when it would have been much easier to do nothing. Having a background in business, Sherry will work for legislation which promotes and creates an atmosphere in which jobs and private enterprise can once again flourish.
Being a member of the NRA, with a permit to carry, she will support our constitutional right to bear arms. At a time when there are rumblings of both Federal and Global legislation to take this right from us, Sherry's stand on this is most important.
Sherry will defend the dignity of every life and the right to live it without excessive government interference. I would encourage you to vote for Sherry Nuxoll, State Senate District 8, as I will. She's a straight shooter.
Cheri Seubert McDonough

To the Editor,
As a result of the 2008 Primary Election, Sheryl Nuxoll and I were seated as freshmen on the Idaho County Republican Central Committee.
I have found Sheryl to have core conservative principals, honesty, capability, and that her integrity does not let her waver in search of good press of popularity while casting her vote. Sheryl Nuxoll is not a candidate that will analyze each person or group and then tell them what they would like to hear.
Please join me and vote for Sheryl Nuxoll to be our GOP Senate candidate from District 8 on the 25th of May.
John Solberg

To the Editor
This coming primary election we are faced with a decision for the Republican candidate for senator in district 8. Upon viewing the voting record of the current senator, I encourage you to vote for Sheryl Nuxoll. Sheryl is a mother of six, a respected leader, and lifelong resident of Cottonwood. Sheryl is a CPA who has worked and farmed with her husband Felix for 35 years driving trucks, combines, raising cattle and being the bookkeeper and tax consultant for the family farm and ranch. Sheryl Nuxoll has a vested interest in our region. She is a person grounded in her conservative values supported by her belief in God, family and country. She is representative of what we value in our community. Sheryl will bring a fresh voice and new ideas to our district.
Thank You
Jim  Chmelik

Letter to the Editor:  
I am weary of the government trying to turn our great nation in a “nanny state.” I want to see us return to the tenets of our founding fathers, such as limiting the size and scope and power of our government.  I want less government handouts so that our taxes can be lowered. I favor the return of federal and state lands back into revenue producing status for loggers, ranchers, farmers, and miners. I also believe in the 2nd amendment rights for citizen to bear arms. And first and foremost, I  am pro-life from conception to natural death. 
Therefore, I am strongly supporting Sheryl Nuxoll in her bid for the Idaho Senate District 8 seat. If you agree that our government is heading the wrong direction and you want to help bring our nation back to its original beliefs, I hope you will vote for Sheryl Nuxoll in the Republican Primary. 
Nancy Connolley 

To the Editor
 I am writing this letter to recommend Kathy Ackerman for Idaho County Clerk. This recommendation is based on Kathy’s overall qualities of integrity, dedication, and hard work.
 I have known Kathy for several years, but mostly through our interaction in youth ministry in the Catholic Church.  She is a volunteer youth minister for St. Peter’s and Paul parish. It is here I have come to respect and admire her overall commitment to service and care for her family, community, and parish. 
 Kathy speaks words that are lived out on a daily basis.  In other words, her actions match her beliefs and intentions. She isn’t afraid to show others what she stands for.  This live integrity is refreshing!  It is here that the office of County Clerk can rest assured that words will match actions and actions will take on meaning.  
 Kathy reflects dedication and hard work. She takes pride in her vocation and puts forth selfless effort to any task she deems as important.  I’ve seen the time and effort she puts toward the youth program because of her heartfelt concern and desire toward making a difference.  I stand in support of Kathy as she reflects and offers sincere dedication toward a job taken seriously.  It is with these qualities I rest in complete confidence of Kathy Ackerman and recommend that you vote for her.  What she is, is what we need.
Debbie Chicane   

I often wonder if it is just me or are other Republicans having trouble recognizing our own party.  The newest and extremely frustrating example is some who consider themselves leadership in the Republican Party are opposing incumbent senator Lee Heinrich.  The rub seems to be that Senator Heinrich opposed H.B. 488 which would have granted a sales tax exemption to a company which fixes airplanes in Ada County.  Lee is correct to oppose a bill which would benefit one company while shifting the tax burden to all of his constituents in Valley, Idaho, Clearwater, and Lewis counties.
Lee was obviously correct in his decision but apparently guilty of offending leadership in the Idaho House of Representatives.  To encourage opposition to Senator Heinrich by Idaho Republican leadership is as confusing and frustrating to me as it was when Republican leadership at the national level threw Senator Larry Craig under the bus, a man who earned awards and a standing ovation at the Idaho Cattlemen’s Convention last fall.
Senators Heinrich and Craig are both people who possess and legislate the principles of the Republican Party.  The opposition of this great statesman by the leadership of our own party suggests I may need to work to change leadership or change parties.  I suggest we change leadership.
I encourage you to VOTE for LEE HEINRICH on May 25.
Phil Davis

To the Editor
Forces presently operating in our country have moved citizen patriots, who have never considered running for public office, to come forward.  
Sheryl Nuxoll is one of these.  She has the integrity to remember who sent her to the Senate and why.  She is willing to make the hard calls to save jobs and private businesses.  She can be trusted to uphold Idaho values.  
I sincerely recommend voting for Sheryl Nuxoll for Idaho State Senate, District 8, in the upcoming primary election on May 25.
Charlotte DeArmond

The letters below are ones we received but didn't have room for in our print edition:

To the Editor,
Republican voters; I do not make many primary endorsements. However, in regards to the 1st Congressional District race I am endorsing Raul Labrador.  
The problems with politics today is that we elect folks that are not willing to stand up for what is right. It is simpler and safer to be politically correct, just keep your head down and not rock the boat. Raul Labrador has proven that he is not afraid and is will stand up against the system. Time and again he has proven his conservative convictions with votes in the legislature that has ruffled the political feathers in Boise and D.C. Raul Labrador has a proven track record. He is not just telling you what you want to hear like his opponent.
Raul has also shown his leadership capability in the Legislature. Real political leadership requires the ability to persuade your colleges to follow your lead, when just your one vote is not enough to win.
We need a Congressman that also lives (not rents) in the District and truly understands our issues. Raul Labrador lives in Idaho, his home is in Idaho, his wife is in Idaho, his business is in Idaho, and his kids are being educated in Idaho. Unlike his primary opponent!
Please join me on May 25th in supporting the next Republican Congressman from the 1st Congressional District in Idaho, Raul Labrador.
Skip Brandt

Letter to the Editor

The Myth of Neutrality
by Joseph Warren Grammer
Today there is a phenomenon that could be called the “mediocrity syndrome.” Simply put, it inclines the timid-fearful towards the gray area of “average” or “mediocre”—shifting them into the neutral zone. Result: good doesn’t appear good, nor the bad as bad. Hence, individual worth is obscured by celebrating the ordinary instead of the exceptional.
John Lathrop, an English reformer, says that neutrality is soul-destroying. “Neutrality is a myth, a glorified myth. Neutrality is a Trojan Horse, professing some advantage, but being inherently full of danger. Neutrality is not neutrality at all. It always favors the despot — adds to his power. Neutrality favors nothing and no one. That is the great myth!”
He said, “If a man steals from his neighbor, his act is evil. If that man happens to be your employer, his act is still evil. If no one questions the stealing employer, on the ideas it would be better to remain neutral, then the employer continues to steal. ...  Moreover, real neutrality refuses even to identify evil as evil.... By default, neutrality is the great sympathizer and nurturer of evil. The most deadly enemy of righteousness is not evil, it’s neutrality.”
Neutrality in a cause is the most blatant form of cowardice.  It allowing the tyrant more freedom to continue his totalitarian rule. It allows the oppressor the freedom to take away everyone else’s freedom.
Neutrality helps the timid feel safe in their lack of courage; thinking by ignoring the problem it will go away. Like the Ostrich with head-in-sand; problems don’t go away. The silly bird only gets its tail feathers plucked. 
God said: “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” (James 1:8) “I would thou were cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth.” (Rev. 3:15-16.)
Because of silence, the Neutralists are not entitled to liberty of conscience; they are only entitled to that which they sanction by their silence and mediocrity.
On May 25th we have a primary election. There is a solution to the evils of corrupt government. Stand up and be counted. Vote Rex Rammell for Governor.

Dear Editor
In a recent article one of the Census managers wondered why people refuse to fill out census questionnaires. The article then goes on to tell how that info is used to help big brother better manage the masses. "They" then know where to "allow" growth and where to "direct" services. The info is also used to determine eligibility for grants. The race questions weren't dealt with.
To me all these are reasons not to answer. If all these bureaucratic managers were fired their wages could be returned to the taxpayers. Then freedom and economics would automatically guide us as it did throughout the years as America became the greatest, most productive country ever known. In those years liberty prevailed and there were no grants. Federal taxes funded federal projects, State money did State projects, etc. Grants only redistribute our money inefficiently to projects many of us would not freely fund and moves all layers of government further from the people. Grants really are about control. 
As government has become more centralized, our jobs have been exported, our forests allowed to rot, our economy crippled, our military weakened and the treasury emptied. Maybe some people don't want to cooperate with that. The census was setup to apportion congress. Let's stop with that.
Lucky Brandt

Idaho has always been the home for those who love Liberty.  Lets restore Liberty to this great state by electing a true conservative governor, Rex Rammell.
Idaho's past governors have dumped the destructive  Canadian  wolves here, thus destroying our game herds.  They have given 2/3 of  Idaho's land to the Federal government.   Rex will take back our lands from the Feds, thus restoring logging and mining jobs and put people back to work.  He will do a huge billion dollar tax cut to stimulate our economy. 
Why is the popular and well-known incumbent governor worried about the Rex Rammell movement?  Probably because even Butch Otter knows that Rex is the man for the hour.   Rex Rammell is the man for the hour; the man for 2010; and the man for the next eight years.  Rex Rammell gives us the answers for the encroachment of government into our lives.  We cannot save the nation while there is extensive corruption in D.C., but we can save the state of Idaho.  Because of the 10th amendment which states that the powers not granted to the national government nor prohibited to the states by the Constitution of the United States  are reserved to the states or the people. Rex has pledged to assert Idaho's 10th amendment rights. 
We need new blood and a man who has courage and integrity.   A vote for Rex Rammell is a vote for freedom.  Vote on May 25th.
Robert Finch

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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