Local Scouts attend Centennial Camporee
This past weekend Troop and Pack 638 Celebrated the 1 Oath Anniversary of the Boy Scout of America Inland Northwest Council. We camped out for 2 nights and 3 days in unpredictable weather at the Spokane Fair and Expo Center.See front page for id's on Scouts.
It definitely was challenging keeping everything battened down. The boys were prepared with hammer and extra tent stakes.
Upon arrival the boys participated in the 2nd Harvest "Do a Good Turn" Peanut Butter and Jelly Food Drive.
There were over 150 different activities available for the boys to experience at the Camporee. Friday night a speaker named Ed Harrell was a former US Marine that told his story about when he was in the US Marines. He guarded the world's first atomic bomb aboard the USS Indianapolis (CA-35) on its way to the air base at Tinian. This bomb code named "Little Boy" was the one that was later dropped on Hiroshima Japan. A book about Ed's story is available. Following was a Flag retirement ceremony (burning) of 6 US Flags.
Saturday the main gates were open to the public. The boys got to show their pulley game they made. They had to maneuver a small dutch oven from the middle of their game, and place it in each corner of the game. It takes skill, concentration and team work to do this. The boys went to as many activities as possible. Rock climbing walls, civil war reenactment, paint ball guns, rode a train, homemade go carts, sail boat, live wolf, iditarod sled dogs, pinewood derby race, live birds, reptiles and more.
Everything was hands on from learning to use a wood lathe to using an old fashion branding iron.
One of the highlights on Saturday was an evening filled with Astonishment. Magician Giovanni Livera's amazed the audience with his magic. Following the magic show was an incredible Firework show. Our unit earned special edition Centennial Camporee ribbons for their unit flag for camping overnight, Best gateway, Best campsite, and a Pinewood Derby ribbon for the first 500 derby racers.
Over all the boys and adults had a great experience that they will never forget. Thank you to Jim Remacle (Knights of Columbus), Don Owen (Unit Commissioner), and Marlene Scheafer (District Executive) for all your help and encouragement. Would also like to thank all the parents of these Scouts for making things happen for these boys.

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