Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

The Port of Lewiston and Idaho Transportation Department are quietly smoothing the way for Imperial Oil/ExxonMobil Canada to transport 207, 510,000-pound trailer/truck/loads across Idaho on Highway 12 in a 2010-2011, 9-month period. Port personnel publicly noted, “…many other companies will follow their lead.”
The Edmonton, Alberta, Journal reports that Sungjin Geotec of South Korea received $250 million for production of these modules and expect to receive future orders from ExxonMobil Canada totaling $1.5 billion. Assumedly, that would lead to hundreds more mega-loads shipped along Highway 12 by just ExxonMobil.
Idahoans will subsidize these shipments in longterm highway repairs and upkeep on State Police escort vehicles.
The Highway 12  corridor is an incredibly beautiful Idaho asset. The United States Department of Transportation named it our nation’s “Northwest Passage Scenic Byway “ and one of only 27 All-American Highways. It is listed among 10 top scenic drives in the Northern Rockies. Its beauty is the key reason travel/tourism remains the single growing industry in north central Idaho. If Highway 12 becomes permanently recharacterized as a mega-load industrial truck route, the rural people of Highway 12 will suffer.
We need our state government to stand up for us…now.
Sylvia Heller

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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