Softball awards are given
PHS Softball awards were handed out at the awards assembly Thursday, May 27. From left are Sammi Frei, co-captain and defensive player of the year; Sam Spencer, co-captain; Alena Hoene, co-captain and offensive player of the year; Amber Holthaus, co-captain and most inspirational; Tanna Schlader, most improved and Hilaree VanderPas, co-captain and Best all-around player. Photo provided by Ryan Hasselstrom.
PHS holds awards assembly
Prairie High School held an awards assembly Thursday morning May 27.
Kyler Shumway was named as Student of the Year.
Gina Seubert received “The Prize.”
David Sigler and Amber Holthaus were named Athletes of the Year and Sigler and NaTosha Schaeffer were King and Queen of Sports.
In Choir awards, Gina Seubert received the Director’s Award while Logan Dahlen was outstanding underclassman and Martina Everson was most improved.
In Band awards Gina Seubert received the John Philip Sousa award while Dani Cochran and Mike Karel received Director’s Awards. Megan Sigler and Mckenzie Candalot were outstanding underclassmen and Matt Jungert was most improved.
In Drama Mary Shears and Gina Seubert received Director’s Awards. Claire Whitley was outstanding underclassman while Colter Renne’ was most improved. Leading Man was Kyler Shumway and Gina Seubert was Leading Lady.
In Rodeo Hilaree VanderPas, Taylor Ratcliff and NaTosha Schaeffer received 4-year member awards. Brandee Seubert received a 2-year member award and MaKayla Schaeffer, Callie Mader and Kelsey Tidwell 1-year member awards.
Kaden Perrin was Top Geometry student.
MaKayla Schaeffer was Top Algebra II student.
David Sigler was top Pre-Calculus student.
Tanna Schlader was top Physical Science student.
Megan Sigler was top Biology student.
Kayla Johnson was top Advanced Biology student.
Chelsea Geis was top Natural Science student.
Tyler Latimer and Logan Dahlen were top students in Algebra I.
Jake Fernandez was top Transition Math student.
In Knowledge Bowl Brock Heath received the award for most points. Members were Heath, Mike Karel, Robin Krol, Silas Whitley, Josh Roeper, Ashley Cannon, Garrett Workman and Justina Zigler.
Technolgy Students of America members were Tyler Latimer, Matt Jungert, Derek VanderPas, Cody Tillinghast, Robin Krol, Kyle Holthaus, Garrett Workman, D.J. Walker and Silas Whitley.
Receiving Prairie Booster High Honor awards for grade point averages above 3.50 were Meaghan Bruner, Mckenzie Candalot, Ashley Cannon, Logan Dahlen, Torin Dalgliesh, Alex Duman, Rachel Falzon, Jake Fernandez, Amber Frei, Andrew Gabica, Cheryle Gehring, Nichole Gimmeson, Stephanie Gimmeson, Seth Guyer, James Hager, Brock Heath, Lindsay Heitman, Marcus Higgins, Chris Hoene, Kyle Holthaus, Kayla Johnson, Matt Jungert, Mike Karel, Andrea Kaschmitter, Samantha Keating, Robin Krol, Tyler Latimer, Brianne Lockhart, Troy Lorentz, Tobie Lovell, Kaden Perrin, Tannor Ratcliff, Taylor Ratcliff, Dustin Schaeffer, MaKayla Schaeffer, NaTosha Schaeffer, Tanna Schlader, Joe Schumacher, Kendal Schumacher, Mary Shears, Ashley Shumway, Kyler Shumway, David Sigler, Megan Sigler, Frank Spencer, Tiffany Stinson, D.J. Walker, Clair Whitley, Silas Whitley, Wyatt Williams and Chaelena Wimer.
Citizenship awards went to Amber Frei and David Sigler.
American Citizenship Awards (NASSP) went to Kyle Holthaus, NaTosha Schaeffer, Gina Seubert and Kyler Shumway.
In Quilting awards the Pins & Needles Most Improved awards went to Tiffany Stinson and Shayla Sears. New Generation Quilters Needle & Thread award went to Ashley Shumway, Megan Sigler and Monica Lustig. Needle and Thimble Top Quilter was Lauren Beshears.
The Student Body Officers each received a medal. They were NaTosha Schaeffer, student body president; Amber Holthaus, student body vice-president and Samantha Spencer, Student Body Secretary/Treasurer.

Girls basketball meeting set
There will be a short informational meeting for both and players on Thursday, June 3 at 7 p.m. at the Prairie Middle School cafeteria.
This meeting will be placing a special emphasis on a scheduled team camp set for June 28-30 in Colfax as well as open gym time through the summer. 
Please enter at back entrance to the school.
Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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