Local girls are state KC Hoopshoot winners
During the State of Idaho Knights of Columbus convention held in Meridian in April, winners were announced and trophies were awarded for the 2010 Idaho KC State Hoopshoot Champions.  Council Hoopshoot Chairman Max Nuxoll returned from the convention carrying trophies for our local KC State of Idaho Hoopshoot champs.  Our Cottonwood council/district winners captured four out of ten state wide spots.  Our winners scores were submitted to compete at the international level with the results expected sometime this summer.  
The 2010 Knights of Columbus Idaho State champions are: Kayla Schumacher, Summit Academy -13 year old girls; Caitlyn Renee Prairie Elementary 10 year old girls; Hailey Danly, Prairie Middle School -11 year old girls and Rebekah Bruner captured the 14 year old girls.  Congratulations to the girls but again none of the boys were able to make enough baskets to bring home a state trophy this year.  Trophies were awarded to the winners during school assemblies held at Prairie Middle School and Summit Academy and in the Prairie Elementary School classroom.  We hope to see these winners participating again next year along with their classmates.
Cottonwood Council 1389 had a total of 167 boys and girls from Prairie Elementary School, Prairie Middle School, and Summit Academy participate in the local KC free throw contest in January.  From that pool of contestants, five girl and five boy winners ages 10 to 14 earned local and district championships of the 2010 Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship in February.  Their scores were submitted for competition at the state level in early March.   
Congratulations to the winners and we hope that these winners will inspire more local boys and girls ages 10 to 14, to include home schoolers, to participate in the 2011 KC local hoopshoot.

Kayla Schumacher

Caitlin Renne'

Rebekah Bruner
Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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