Summit Highway cleanup
Spring rains and wet weather proved to be a delaying factor, pushing off the annual Highway Cleanup project at Summit Academy for most of May this year.  Finally, June 8 provided a temporary window of Sunshine, and eight Patriots and two faculty members gathered 30 bags of litter from their two-mile stretch between Cottonwood and Ferdinand.
The cleanup project at Summit celebrated their tenth anniversary this year, but because of the wet weather, was the first time the spring cleanup had to be pushed off until after school was out in June. 

Summit Academy’s cleanup crew. Top from left are Jamie Chmelik, Brooke Schumacher, Rachel Wemhoff, Nicole Wemhoff, Jenn Wemhoff and Dan Wemhoff. 
Front from left are Nick Hattrup, Josh Frei, Michael Rehder, and Jerry Wren. 

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