Two Boy Scouts honored
On June 9th, 2010 a ceremony was held in Mike Karel and Seth Chaffee’s honor.  They recently earned their Life Scout Badge.  By accomplishing elective’s and Eagle Required merit badges, six hours of service and commitment to the Troop, they have successfully earned the privilege of wearing the Heart shaped Life Scout Badge.  Seth Chaffee and Mike Karel hold their Life Scout awards. Photo by Shari Chaffee.
I asked Greg Nau to assist in the ceremony, he proceeded and asked Mike and Seth to come forward individually.  He then read, you have traveled far on the Eagle trail.  Before you, two lighted candles shed their radiance on the heart-shaped Life Scout Badge.  I am proud of the effort you have put forth and of your accomplishments in Scouting.  The heart shape of the badge is symbolic of life and courage.  For you, now, the Scout Oath and the Scout Law will mean more than ever before.  You will ever strive to make them the key notes of your conduct.  The spirit of helpfulness and alertness of mind, and the mastery of those Scout skills that make “Be Prepared” really mean something-these are the inner qualities of the Scout who wears the Life Scout badge.
After the reading, Dan and Laurie Karel, Shari Chaffee and Vance Chaffee (uncle) came forward.  As Greg read Mike and Seth pinned a miniature badge on their mom’s Laurie and Shari, this badge is in recognition of her love, comradeship, encouragement, and her faith in you.  Take it and wear it proudly.  Greg then asked Dan to pin the Life Scout badge upon his son’s uniform? Attention! Scout salute! Two! Dismissed! Greg then asked Vance, will you pin the Life Scout badge upon your nephew’s uniform?  Attention! Scout Salute! Two! Dismissed! Other activities during the evening were; potluck, webelos scout skits, merit badge awards for Mike-Citizenship in the World and Seth-Family Life, also for the Lewiston Scout-o-rama Drew Cochran received a centennial patch and certificate for making a sundial at the event.  Dakota Wilson and Seth Chaffee helped run the gate at the Spokane 100 year Comporee Pinewood Derby, and received a centennial patch and certificate. 
Our closing ceremony was in Honor of four flags that will be retired at a later date due to weather conditions.  Seth Chaffee gave the History of flags and Roger Burgess read what the thirteen folds of the flag mean.  We would like to invite the community at a later date to this Flag retirement ceremony.  Also if anyone has a U.S. Flag that is tattered and torn and would like for it to be destroyed in a dignified way, please let Dan Karel or Shari Chaffee know.  
Thank you Knights of Columbus and community for supporting these young men in all they do. 

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