7 earn straight A's at Summit
Fourth-quarter honor roll recipients at Summit Academy were released this week, with the following students earning one of three honors: Maximum high honors (MHH), perfect straight A, or 4:00 point at the high school level, high honors (HH), with a grade point 3.75 up, and honors (H), earning a grade point of 3.5 to 3.74.
Elementary honor roll honors are awarded to student who have a grade average of 90% or better.
Fourth quarter recipients: Maximum High Honors (4.00): Senior Dylan Prigge; junior Rachel Wemhoff; sophomores Austin Chmelik, Nicole Frei, Savanah Prigge, Rachel Uhlenkott, and David Waters.
High Honors: Seniors Josh Frei, Tara Stubbers, and Margaret Yalbuw; sophomore Derek Nuxoll; and frosh Kody Duclos.
Honors: Sophomores Michael Rehder, and Courtney Schwartz; and frosh Patrick Green and Shane Stubbers.
Junior High students making the 4th quarter roll: Eighth grade: Abby Chmelik, Sarah Chmelik, Kayla Duclos, Rachael Frei, Gregory Hattrup, Megan Rehder, Matthew Schwartz, Michael Waters, and Nicole Wemhoff.  Seventh grade: Kayla Schumacher and Megan Seubert.
Elementary honor roll students: Sixth grade: Jolene Chmelik, Justin Schumacher, Thomas Schwartz, Ashlee Stubbers, Kaitlen Stubbers and Rachel Waters.  Fifth grade: Bridget Beckman, Maggie Chmelik, Lindsey Goeckner, Chris Osborne, Tyson Schlader and Ellie Watson.  Fourth grade: Lucy Osborne, Luke Schwartz, Lauren Stubbers, Justin Wassmuth and Angie Wemhoff.  Third grade: Rachel Chmelik, Taylor Lustig, Kayla Rehder, Dylan Schumacher and Theresa Wemhoff. 
Dylan Prigge, Nicole Frei, Kayla Duclos, Megan Rehder, Nicole Wemhoff, Nathan Beckman, Thomas Schwartz, Lindsey Goeckner, Tyson Schlader, Lucas Wemhoff, Lucy Osborne, Luke Schwartz, Justin Wassmuth, Angie Wemhoff, Rachel Chmelik, Mary Kuther, Taylor Lustig, Kayla Rehder, Dylan Schumacher, Luke Wassmuth, Theresa Wemhoff, Michael Schwartz, Wade Goeckner, Erin Wassmuth, Lane Schumacher, Dani Sonnen, Ryan Wemhoff, Kristin Wemhoff, Cody Wassmuth, Luke Stubbers, Tara Schlader, Makayla Rose, and Noelle Biltz.

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