Local women help with on-flight emergency
By Jennifer Cochran
On June 22, 2010 while on Delta flight 1180 from Salt Lake City to Orlando a page went over the loud speaker for any medical personnel on board. 
At this point we were about an hour from landing in Orlando.  After responding to the request Dani (Jenniferís daughter) and I were taken to the rear of the plane where a male flight attendant was sitting with an oxygen mask on his face.  We were told he was having a hard time breathing, chest pain and left arm numbness.  
After being given the supplies on board by the flight crew we started assessing the situation and taking vitals.  After getting the first set of vitals another gentleman appeared stating he was a doctor. Dani went through the medicine in the bag and found nitroglycerin which the doctor then proceeded to give to the patient.  After giving him a second nitro pill, which made the symptoms subside, the doctor then stated he didn't know much about cardiac as he was a GI specialist. He then went back to his seat.  
We made sure the patient was stable and knew to just sit with oxygen over his mouth and stay calm until we landed then go straight to a hospital to be checked before heading back to our seats.  

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