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Letter to Editor

Help me understand!  I thought our nation was mired in record debt!  I also thought that “We the People...” called the shots on local issues, those reserved to the states and the people by Amendment X!
Who then can explain both the reason for and the cost of the new “yellow speed bump” handicap ramps going up not only in our little town of Cottonwood, but all around us; even in Spokane it was noticed last week! 
The old handicap access ramps allowed bicycles and wheelchairs to access or leave sidewalks to street level..., as do the new.  But it is admitted that they lacked the yellow “rumble bumps” found on the new, and were lacking a bit in width and were a bit steeper in incline.  But entirely usable it should be noted!
So who decided these new ramps were necessary, all across America I assume?  I was told the yellow “rumble” pad was designed to assist the blind!  But we have had no blind in need or such ramps here for decades!  And i would assert that ramps such as these would be far down on our city father’s list of improvements that could or even should be made in our community.  So I repeat, who pray tell decided these had to be installed, and of even more interest, what is the cost?
INSANITY!  Our nation cannot survive when needless and useless expenditures like these are dictated to towns such as ours by the “elite” back in Washington.  Obviously, more TEA activity is needed to stop such nonsense, and hold accountable the irresponsible spendthrifts who so casually spend money we do not have, have to borrow, and saddle on our children and grandchildren debt so large it can never be repaid!  Seems the only solution is to eliminate the agency and individuals found responsible, and get back to the original intent of our government as outlined in the Constitution.  November may be our last chance!  Let’s not waste it...get out and vote and throw the spendthrifts out!!!
Jerry Wren 

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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