This is recycling weekend
Idaho County Recycling is scheduled for Saturday July 17 from 9AM to 3 PM in Fenn and Sunday July 18 from 9Am to 3Pm in Kooskia. 
The Camas Prairie site is located at the Columbia Grain Elevators in Fenn.
The Clearwater Valley site is located on 4th Avenue in Kooskia near the City Park.
Newspaper, cardboard, metal cans and plastic can be recycled.
Newspaper category includes catalogues, telephone books magazines paperback books.  Office paper of all colors is accepted but should be separated from the newspaper products.
Cardboard should be flattened.  This category includes paper sacks, beverage cartons cereal boxes. No wax or foil coated cardboard.
Plastic bottles that have openings that are smaller than the bottom are accepted.  Remove lids, rinse containers, flatten bottles.
Metal cans, tin and aluminum that are used for food and beverage containers up to 1 gallon size.  Remove labels and lids.
June was the largest collection so far for Idaho County with 55,000 pounds of recyclable material collected.

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