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To the Editor
The New Republican Dictatorship
Its amusing to watch the posturing of the war-mongers who couldn’t say no when Bush trashed the huge Clinton budget surplus with their approval.  The nay-sayers of today had no problem rating for the illegal invasion of Iraq which ballooned our deficit and cost us thousands of lives.  These nay-sayers have now formed a cult-like dictatorship that controls the votes of its members with eviction from office for those that don’t comply.  
I have been recently pestered by calls from the radicals prejudiced skinheads in the NRA who are trying to destroy Obama and the whole Democratic party.  All Democrats should boycott the NRA since they are out to destroy us.  Their rotten propaganda should be printed in all newspapers.  Sarah Palin has also been calling to promote a politician that can’t write his own speech.  No wonder she caused McCain to lose the election.  President Obama, who was against the war in Iraq, is now stuck with both wars, the Bush deficit and no help from the Republican Dictatorship now imbedded in our Congress.
Robert G. Schultze
Riggins, Idaho

Letter to Editor
My campaign against Butch ended abruptly (and unexpectedly) on May 25th, 2010.  However, I found another candidate, Jana Kemp, who would be an excellent governor.  Jan is tough, smart, and Independent.  Much like Jesse “The Body” Ventura, Jana is running an aggressive and exciting campaign.  To find out more about Jana Kemp and her campaign, please go to www.beatbutch.com.
Best wishes, 
Pete Peterson

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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