'Medical Milers' conquer mountains
Earlier this month six staff members from St. Mary’s Hospital and Clinics both started and finished a race that included running over two peaks in the Blue Mountains in Oregon, Mt. Misery and Mt. Horrible. The Medical Milers team from St. Mary’s Hospital and Clinics recently competed in an extreme 8.5 hour relay race.  Team members are (front row) Kristi Pentzer, Megan Wilson, Tina Fernandez, Lisa Hasselstrom, (back row) Dan Reel and Cody Wilkinson The race began in Asotin at 8:00 a.m. and ended in Troy at 4:40 p.m. with a 6300 foot elevation gain along the route.  
The extreme relay race was sponsored by the Seaport Striders in Lewiston, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to promote running as a sport and physical exercise amongst residents of the area.  The SMHC team, the Medical Milers, consisted of Megan Wilson, FNP,PNP; Tina Fernandez, RN; Kristi Pentzer, transcriptionist; Lisa Hasselstrom, Admit Clerk; Cody Wilkinson, Radiology; and Dan Reel, Radiology.  
“After the race we, as a team, felt fortunate to have completed the challenge.  It was difficult because we each ran either a mile or half mile leg before the next runner stepped in.  Running longer distances was impossible for us because of the extreme steepness of the course.  We felt a real sense of accomplishment especially because only one of our team members had ever run in an extreme race before,” said Wilson.  “We had a great team with a lot of team spirit.”
There were six other teams involved in the race.  “Our medical staff are always encouraging their patients to exercise and keep fit,” said Jeanette Gorman, SMHC Community Relations Coordinator.  “It’s nice that our own employees serve as such a good example.  Of course, everyone needs to choose the exercise level that best suits their capabilities.  Our Medical Milers team worked hard and did well.  That’s what it is all about.”
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