Scouts attend summer camp
August 6-8 Pack 638 attended summer camp. Five Webelos and one Wolf Cub participated in a Space Adventure. Our space name for the weekend was Saturn, better known as Chapel Hill campsite. Our space captain Japopo showed us around he. He insisted were on the “Final Frontier,” and the boys loved it.
Our first mission was to take the swimming test. You were either a beach bum, learner, beginner or swimmer. We had a variety. Then we were off to the mess hall to do our KP duty and set up tables for meal time. During our meal between songs and eating, we earned our badges for Manners (Mensa). After our meal we hiked up to the Gazebo and signed up for our weekend activities. We did swimming (Hydrus), art (Sculptor), archery (Sagittarius), map and compass (Pyxis), bb gun (Hercules), astronomy (Pegasus) and three of the boys went on a hike. You might notice a different name after our assigned activity. These names are just a few of the 88 modern constellations. During our astronomy we were able to see some of these constellations. A green laser light was used to see some of the constellations.
That evening we hiked up to the fire bowl. The staff put on skits for us and sang songs. At closing Josh Paparazzo (camp director) read us a letter from Mike Fossum. He is an Eagle Scout, Scoutmaster and NASA astronaut. Mike is training for his third mission into pace. He says in his letter that going on Scouting adventures has helped make him who he is today. Mike’s first week-long Boy Scout camp was riding a horse into the wilderness and he saw rattlesnakes in the wild. Later he backpacked 100 miles in the Rocky Mountains and paddled a canoe for about 90 miles in the Canadian wilderness. Each of these adventures required training and practice. And each left Mike looking for new adventures in his future.
Overall the boys had a good time learning new skill and meeting new friends. Ask them to do their skit they performed at the last fire bowl. The audience loved it.

The members of Pack 638 at Camp Grizzly. Photo by Shari Chaffee. 

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