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Bus routes and schedules were approved for the upcoming school year at the August meeting of the school board which was held in the Middle School library Monday, August 16.
Superintendent Rene’ Forsmann said the Ferdinand route was the only one with any changes from last year’s bus routes. The full listing is below.
School handbooks were also approved for the upcoming year.
The proposed baseball field was discussed. Board member Lynn Guyer said the biggest holdup at this point is financing. 
PHS baseball coach Pat Holthaus said his biggest concern is that they might lose their current field due to the school district dropping down to two locations. The board assured him that was NOT going to happen.
Board member Gus Hoene suggested they work out stages that could be worked on where they could possibly finance one stage and then let it set until more financing was available. There was a consensus from all present that if they were going to do it they were going to “do it right.” 
Holthaus said that he and Frank Bruno have scouted things out and to get a decent centerfield fence distance they would have to extend things out nearly to where the football announcing tower is located. He said they could push things back into the northeast corner some and that he and Bruno both liked the fact they could put some stands in that corner something like what Orofino’s field has.
In a related issue, new PHS principal Randy Brown asked that if the idea of a softball field north of the fieldhouse has been nixed, should they look into doing something with the dirt there. Maybe level things out for added parking area. Board members stated probably not before football season. 
Several change orders were approved in the ongoing construction work to get the District ready for putting all the students into 2 building locations. A couple were for additional funds while a couple items cost less than expected.
In the facility upgrade report, Forsmann handed out a report with some pictures of the work done. The “third bay” of the bus garage at the high school has been finished and is already being used for storage. The gym annex at the high school is nearing completion and should be ready for the start of school.
The new art room may not be finished for the start of school but Brown said he has a plan to work around that.
The kitchen work at the middle school is also nearing completion. The new cold storage units are in and cabinets are supposed to be installed this week. It also should be ready to go by the start of school next week. Board members got a tour after the meeting was over.
The high school lower floor asbestos abatement project is done with clean air samples tested.
The gym floors have all been refinished although the contractor has been called back to fix a couple of minor problems.
Forsmann reported on the Federal Education Jobs Fund bill passed recently. Idaho is expected to receive over $51.6 million. The state plans to distribute these funds through the state’s Public Schools Budget formula. There’s a possibility the district could get back the 5% salary cut imposed due to budget cuts from the state legislature. Many districts cut jobs due to the cutback and could hire some of those teachers back. The local district didn’t have to cut any jobs but did create “furlough” days out of many of the staff development days where staff is asked to attend but won’t be paid.
Forsmann also reported that despite the fact they had 40 seniors graduate and the incoming Kindergarten has only about 20 students that they will still be at or above last year’s total school enrollment of 413. They’ve had an influx of new students throughout the district. The biggest single class appears to be the 4th grade which has added 6 more students. With 34 students instead of 28 they will be making Allason Zenner a full-time 4th grade teacher again and pull her back from the half days planned as a Title 1 teacher at the high school. Brown said he feels they can make things work at the high school and pick up the slack of losing her up there.
In other business Millie Wimer was approved for a provisional authorization for certification in consumer sciences so she can do the clothing class in addition to her librarian duties. She had a certification previously but had let it lapse. This gives her a year to get recertified.
Ryan Hasselstrom, who is already doing some PE classes but doesn’t have certification was approved for Teacher to New which gives him time to get his certification.
The board adjourned at 8 p.m. The next board meeting will be Monday, Sept. 20, at the high school library, which will give the board the chance to tour the high school construction projects.

FERDINAND – Tina Lockhart; Bus # 008; 7:00 a.m.: Rick Dalgleish, Mike Nau, Mike Duclos, Scott Schaeffer, John Frei, Pam Falzon, Ferdinand Town Children, Michael Temes, Ken Ross, John Paul Frei, David Frei.
COTTONWOOD – Sharon Johnson; Bus # 02-7; 7:00 a.m.: Pat McWilliams, Brendan Arnzen, Doug Lustig, Bob Lustig, Teel Bruner, Tim Dalgliesh, Mel Sonnen, Vic Lustig, Darrel Uhlorn, Darla Whitley.
GREENCREEK – Jerry Schumacher; Bus # 007; 7:00 a.m.: Wes Riener, Aaron Hinkelman, Tom Sonnen, Steve Sonnen, Matt Schumacher, Tony Schumacher, Roy Schumacher, Adam Forsmann, Kevin Schmidt, John Schumacher, Phil Schmidt, Rusty Lorentz, Mike VanderPas, Kris Shears, Jacob Forsmann, Mark Anderson, Greg Danly.
COTTONWOOD  – Becky Madden; Bus # 98-2; 7:00 a.m.: Christy Renne’, Karrie Vanator, Brad Higgins, Doug Johnson, Dan VonBargen, Ken Seubert, Tad Tidwell, Brett Uhlenkott, Dustin Uhlenkott, Mike Walsh, Ryan Uhlenkott, Mike Kaschmitter, Dennis Rowland.
KEUTERVILLE –  Rick Johnson; Bus # 01-1; 7:00 a.m.: Joe Ross, Judy Geis, Clint Mader, Gerry Gehring, Robert Creutzberg, Glenn Poxleitner, Keuterville Town Children, Roger Uptmor, Ben Munger, Mark Geis, Jesse Geis, Ken Geis, Roy Uhlenkott, Colin Sprute, Heath Klapprich, Patti Kaschmitter, Jack Duman, Cottonwood Town Children.
RIVER ROUTE – Dan Mills; Bus # 004; 7:00 a.m.: Kellie Drake, Darcie Waller, Dave Enneking, Rick Johnson, Kent Tassel, Brian Gehring, Ron Lightfield, Scott Jungert, Kent Rad, Joe Nuxoll, Scott Ross, Butch Spencer, Cottonwood Town Children.

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