4-H award winners
Monica Lustig and Sarah Baune were the Friends of 4-H winners at this yearís Idaho County Fair.Sarah Baune, left, and Monica Lustig were the Friends of 4-H award winners this year. Baune won the mixer while Lustig won the sewing machine.
Lustig won the top Creative Sewing award and the sewing machine that goes with it while Buane won the top Advanced Foods award and the upright mixer. The luggage for the top Making the Most of Me award wasnít awarded this year.
In constructed clothing Madeline McHugh was the Beginner Clothing (Ready, Set, Sew and Sew Some More) top winner with Lindsey Goeckner and Bridget Beckman as runners-up.
Holli Uhlorn was the Intermediate Clothing (Seams Sew Easy and Sew What) winner with Lizz Forsmann and Bridget Lusich as runners-up.
Monica Lustig was the Advanced Clothing (Sew Wow) winner with Demetria Riener as runner-up.
Making the Most of Me top project winners were Madeline McHugh in Setting the Stage, Abbie Uhlenkott in Phase I, Leah Holthaus in Phase II, Sarah Baune in Phase III and Alicia Lothspeich in Phase IV.
Top Model awards in Constructed Clothing went to Lizz Forsmann for Beginners, Holli Uhlorn for Intermediate and Monica Lustig for Advanced.
Top models in Making the Most of Me were Grace Denham in Setting the Stage; Krystin Uhlenkott in Phase I, Holli Uhlorn in Phase II, Sarah Baune in Phase III and Alicia Lothspeich in Phase IV.
In foods, Kate Lustig had the top beginning foods ribbon with Holli Uhlorn winning the top intermediate foods ribbon and Megan Johnston the top advanced foods ribbon. Andrea Kaschmitter won the Cake Decorating top project ribbon.
Senior mugs were awarded to Rebecca Hinkson for 8 years of 4-H in the Specialty Project area and Camille Tosten for 9 years.
In the other specialty projects Payton Branstetter had the Top Photography award.
Victoria Davis received the outstanding leadership award and Justin Deford of Fenn Livestock had the Top Secretary Book.
In the Citizenship & Civic Education Division Sarah Baune had the top project in Know Your Government while Brandi Gehring took second with her Citizenship Washington Focus project.
In Communications & Expressive Arts Darby Finnegan had top project with a card making project. Jenni Forsmann was second and Darby Finnegan third with scrapbooking projects and Katie Higgins was 4th, Jackie Mager 5th and Camille Tosten 6th, each with ceramics projects.
In Environmental Education & Earth Sciences D.J. Halbert won top project with a sport fishing project. Hailey Russell was second and Davi Murphy third each with Jr. Master Gardening projects and Parker Wilson was fourth with a survival project.
In Family & Consumer Sciences Davi Murphy won top project award for a quilting project.
In Science & Technology Cody Schumacher won top project award with a welding project. Abbie Uhlenkott was second, Victoria Davis third and Jodi Kaschmitter 4th each with Vet Science projects.

Open Class Awards
Following are the Best of Show & Special Awards winners in Open Class at the 2010 Idaho County Fair.
Sewing: Best of Show-Elayne Murphy.
Handcrafted Gift Items: Best of Show-Mary Flury; Award of Merit-Ivana Marks.
Knitting: Best of Show-Elayne Murphy; Award of Merit-Bertie Forsmann.
Crocheting: Best of Show-Eleanor Hinkelman; Award of Merit-Bertie Forsmann.
Spinning/Weaving/Felting: Best of Show-Carlene Whitesell; Award of Merit-Susan Bennett.
Vegetables: Best of Show-Elaine Schumacher.
Baked Goods: Best of Show-Rita Wagenman; Award of Merit-Carol Sue Hauntz.
Wheat Grower Awards: Quick Breads-Mary Uhlorn; Drop Cookies-Beth Forsmann; Sourdough-Rita Wagenman; Bundt Cake-Carol Sue Hauntz.
Food Preservation: Best of Show-Peg Gehring for Dehydrated Cherries and Tonya Jungert for Convenience Foods. Award of Merit to Linda Burnside.
Wine: Best of Show-Millie Wimer; Award of Merit, Stacey Embree.
Art: Best of Show-Jackie Zumwalt; Award of Merit-Peter Spencer; Idaho Landscape Award-Ellamae Holes.
Quilts: Best of Show-Mary Flury; Award of Merit-Joan Terhaar.
Needlework: Best of Show-Sharon Espinola; Award of Merit-Gleta Perry.
Photography: Best of Show-Kim Nuxoll.
Flowers: Best of Show-Cheryl Meehan; Award of Merit-Elayne Murphy.
Artistic Arrangement: Best of Show-Lu Crea; Award of Merit-Jean Carrol.
Adult Hobbies: Best of Show-Troy Lorentz; Award of Merit-Shawn Wilson.
Valley Garden Club Awards: Top Horticulture-Elayne Murphy; Top Artistic Arrangement-Lu Crea.
Sew Society Quilt Awards: 1st Place-GEMS 5th Grade Class; 2nd Place-Sherry Schumacherís Class; 3rd Place-Bethany Fuller.

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