Winifred Rhoades is playing again
The Historical Museum at St. Gertrude is very pleased to announce that Winifred Rhoades is once again entertaining her audience vA portrait of Winifred Rhoades.ia old tapes that have been rerecorded and downloaded onto an iPod. This project was first made possible by Mr. James Walker, a visitor from Roseburg, Oregon, who several years ago spent a number of hours re-recording the tapes. But since the equipment for playing the tapes was also outdated and in poor condition, the music was not available in the Rhoades-Emmanuel Gallery for many years. As a result of receiving final funding from the Lewis Clark Trail Museums Initiative funds, the museum was able to get Winifredís music playing again.
Winifred Rhoades was a popular west coast celebrity for decades, as well as being a well-loved local girl, born and raised in the town of Denver, Idaho. Many return visitors have mentioned missing hearing the tapes of Winifredís organ music as they visited the museum over the past few years. 
We invite you to visit again and hear Winifredís wonderful performances! 

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