Lady Pirates win at Highland
TThe Prairie Lady Pirates picked up their first win of the season as they defeated Highland in 4 games at Craigmont Tuesday, Sept. 7.
Scores were 25-12, 25-20, 18-25, 25-17.Fran Johnson makes a pass in the Highland match as Demetria Riener and Tanna Schlader watch.
The opening game was close with Highland holding a 6-7 lead before Prairie broke the game open. A missed serve tied the game and Fran Johnson served Prairie into the lead with an ace and a bump kill by Monica Lustig after Megan Sigler had raced to save a pass that was going out of bounds.
After a trade of sideouts MeShel Rad served 8 straight winners with 4 aces and 2 kills by Tanna Schlader plus a kill each by Lustig and Sigler to make it 18-8.
Kills from Shelby Duman, Kayla Johnson, Fran Johnson and Sigler along with missed serves by Highland helped Prairie to the 13-point win.
The second game started even like the first game did except Highland was able to build a 4 point margin at 7-11.
Highland was able to hang onto the lead until a missed serve was followed by a kill each from Kayla Johnson and Demetria Riener (on a back row spike) tied the score at 17.
Highland scored the sideout but Duman scored a kill and Schlader served 2 aces to give Prairie a 20-18 lead.
Highland scored a sideout but missed another serve to give Prairie control. An ace by Riener and a kill by Duman made it 23-19.
A missed served made it 23-20 but a kill each by Duman and Rad gave the game to Prairie.
Prairie took the lead early on in the third game at 8-4 and still led 14-11 when Highland turned things around. Tori Marker served 8 straight points as Highland took a 14-19 lead and then held off Prairie to win by 7.
Demetria Riener has been very consistent with her jump serve so far this season. She is shown against Highland.In the fourth game Prairie trailed only once, at 3-4, then tied it on a back row kill by Riener and took the lead for good on a stuff block by Sigler.
Prairie had no big service runs in the game but were able to score 3 and 4 points at a stretch while allowing no more than 2 at a time to Highland as they pulled away to the 8-point win which ended the match.
Kayla Johnson wound up with 13 kills including a stuff block. Duman had 8 kills including a stuff. Rad had 7 kills including 2 stuffs and also had 5 aces. Sigler had 6 kills including a stuff, 3 aces and 29 assists. Fran Johnson had 5 kills and 5 aces. Riener had 4 kills, 2 assists and 5 aces. Schlader had 4 kills and 4 aces and Lustig had 5 assists, 2 kills and 2 aces.
The JV team won all three of their games against highland by scores of 25-22, 25-14 and 15-13.
Prairie scored the first point of the first game then fell behind and trailed until finally taking the lead again at 18-17 on a kill by Tyler Workman. Hope Vanator added an ace for an 18-16 lead but Highland came back with 3 straight points for an 18-19 lead.
A missed serve put Kelsey Tidwell on the service line for a pair of aces to make it 21-19.
Highland again answered with 3 straight points to take back the lead at 21-22 before a kill by Workman knotted the score at 22.
Workman then went to the service line and served 3 straight aces to end the game.
The second game saw Prairie again fall behind at 3-8 before rallying. Two kills by Workman and a kill by Kayla Frei cut the lead to 7-8. After a sideout, Workman scored a kill to put herself on the service line. A kill by Frei plus an ace gave Prairie a 10-9 lead.
Prairie led just 12-11 after a missed Highland serve put Frei on the service line. 5 aces plus a dig that turned into a kill be Tidwell and Prairie was in control at 19-11.
Two aces by Vanator and an ace by Keely Schmidt helped Prairie win the game by 11.
Prairie jumped out to a 6-2 lead in the third game with help from 3 aces by Workman. 
Highland rallied back though with 6 straight points to take the lead and led by as many as 3 at 7-10.
A kill by Cheryl Gehring scored a sideout and put Gehring on the service line. She served 3 aces with Beka Bruner and Tidwell each adding a kill to give Prairie a 13-10 lead.
Highland pulled within 14-13 but the missed a serve to give the game to Prairie.

Lady Pirates split tri-match
The Prairie Lady Pirates split a tri-match Thursday Sept. 9 at Cottonwood losing to Troy in 3 games in a league match then defeating Summit in 3 games. Summit also lost to Troy in 3 games.Fran Johnson spikes the ball past Troy’s blockers. Also shown are Tanna Schlader and Kayla Johnson.
Troy dominated the 3 game set with Prairie winning by scores of 15-25, 14-25 and 18-25.
Against Summit Prairie was able to win 25-21, 25-21, 25-19.
Prairie kept the first game close early, falling behind 1-4 but pulling within 4-5 after an ace by Monica Lustig. Troy then scored 7 of the next 8 points to take a 5-12 lead.
The closest Prairie got the rest of the game was 14-17 after a 3-points service run by Tanna Schlader. A kill by Shelby Duman had put her on the service line and Fran Johnson and Kayla Johnson each scored a kill followed by an ace by Schlader.
Prairie managed just 1 more point the rest of the game though, on a kill by Duman.
The second game saw Troy pull away right from the start as Prairie had the score tied at 1 but never got closer than 6 after falling behind 4-11.
In the third game Prairie had their only lead of the match when Duman scored a kill to make it 1-0. Troy reeled off 6 straight points after that and the closest Prairie was able to get from then on was 3 points at 4-7.
Duman had 6 kills in the match with MeShel Rad scoring 5 including a stuff block plus an ace. Fran Johnson had 4 kills and 2 aces. Schlader had 3 kills and an ace. Kayla Johnson had 3 kills. Demetria Riener had 2 kills and an ace and Megan Sigler had 2 kills, 2 aces and 16 assists.
In the JV match against Troy, held at the Elementary gym while the varsity teams were playing at the high school, Prairie fell to the Trojans 15-25, 18-25, 15-10. In the C match Prairie won 25-4, 25-17, 17-15.
Against Summit the first game was close throughout although Prairie led most all the way jumping out to a 4-0 lead with Sigler serving. 
Summit managed to chip away at the lead and tied the score at 14 before Prairie scored a sideout and Kayla Johnson served the Pirates to an 18-14 lead.
Summit called a timeout at that point and then scored the sideout and Savanah Prigge was able to serve them into a 19-18 lead before Prairie could score the sideout.
Monica Lustig served Prairie back into the lead but Summit came back to tie at 20 and 21. Prairie scored the sideout to take a 22-21 lead and MeShel Rad served out the game.
Prairie took a 9-2 lead in the second game thanks to a 4 point service run by Lustig.
Prairie led it 19-12 when Prigge got on another service run and the Patriots were able to close the gap to 19-18. 
Prairie scored the sideout and Lustig served them to a 23-18 lead.
Summit again closed the gap to 23-21 with Brooke Schumacher serving but a sideout turned it back to Prairie and Fran Johnson served for the game winner.
In the third game Summit took the early lead and led 7-10 at one point. 
Rad served Prairie into a 10-10 tie but Summit again pulled away to lead at 11-15 and 13-18.
At 16-19 Prairie scored a sideout and Lustig went back to the service line and was able to serve out the match finishing with a run of 9 straight points.
Kayla Johnson led Prairie with 9 kills in the match while Fran Johnson had 7 kills and Rad had 6. Duman added 4 kills and Schlader 3 while Sigler had 26 assists and 2 kills.
The split gives Prairie a 2-2 overall record and a 0-1 league record against Division 1 foes, 2-1 against all White Pine League opponents.

Prairie takes third at Kendrick Tournament
The Prairie Lady Pirates took third place out of 8 teams at the Kendrick Tournament held Saturday, Sept. 11.
Megan Sigler sets the ball against Asotin at the Kendrick Tournament. Also shown are Shelby Duman and Kayla Johnson.Prairie beat Asotin 19-25, 25-23, 15-8; lost to Orofino 22-25, 14-25; beat Summit 25-22, 25-10 and beat Kamiah 25-23, 14-25, 19-17 in the third place match. 
Orofino went on to win the tournament, beating C.V.
Vs. Asotin
In the opening match against Asotin, the girls seemed to show effects from going to the football game at Deary the night before and not getting home until late as they came out a little sluggish and dropped the first game.
In the second game Megan Sigler served Prairie to a 4-0 lead with 2 aces and 2 kills by Kayla Johnson.
Prairie never trailed the rest of the way although Asotin managed to tie the score at 5 and again at 7.
Shelby Duman served up 3 aces in a row for an 11-7 lead and Kayla Johnson had a 3-point run that pushed Prairie to a 23-13 lead.
Asotin then scored a sideout and put on a hug rally to cut Prairie’s 10-point lead down to 1 at 23-22 before a serve into the net ended their run. Asotin fought off the first game point to made it 24-23 but Fran Johnson scored the game-winning kill.
Asotin took a 0-3 lead in the deciding game but then missed a serve and Demetria Riener served Prairie to a 5-3 lead with 2 aces plus a kill each from Fran Johnson and MeShel Rad.
After trading sideouts, a stuff block by Rad and a double hit violation by Asotin made it 8-4.
After a missed serve, Megan Sigler got a third hit, get it over the net, bump to drop in for a kill. With Shelby Duman serving Prairie got a pair of kills from Rad and a kill from Fran Johnson to take a 12-6 lead.
Asotin pulled within 13-8 but a kill by Rad and then an ace by Rad gave Prairie the match.
Vs Orofino
They took the momentum from the win into the first game against Orofino as Riener served Prairie to a 6-1 lead with 4 aces plus a kill by Kayla Johnson.
Duman added 3 aces as Prairie pushed their lead to 12-3.
An ace by Fran Johnson made it 14-7 then things fell apart for the Pirates.
Orofino scored the next 11 consecutive points  as nothing went right for Prairie and they fell behind 14-19.Shelby Duman spikes the ball against Asotin at the Kendrick Tournament.
A kill by Tanna Schlader finally broke the run and Rad served up 2 aces to pull Prairie within 2 at 17-19.
They couldn’t get any closer than that though as Orofino held them off for the win.
In the second game Kayla Johnson scored kills on 3 consecutive points to give Prairie a 3-0 lead.
They still led 7-5 when a missed serve gave Orofino control and the reeled off 7 straight points for a 7-12 lead.
They were still in it at 13-16 when Orofino put together another run, this time of 6 straight to put the game and the match in their favor.
Vs. Summit
In the opening game against Summit, the Patriots jumped out to the early lead at 3-9 thanks to a strong service run by Savanah Prigge who had 3 aces in a 5-point run.
Summit still led 9-14 after an ace by Jamie Chmelik but a kill be Kayla Johnson scored a sideout and Rad served up 3 aces and got a pair of kills from Kayla Johnson and scored a kill herself when her dig of a Summit spike scored. That gave Prairie a 16-14 lead.
Summit scored the sideout and Rachel Wemhoff served the Patriots back into the lead with 2 aces but a kill by Kayla Johnson ended her run and tied the game.
Prairie took a 19-17 lead but Summit answered to take a 19-21 lead. A kill each by Kayla Johnson and Fran Johnson tied the game and an ace by Riener and another kill be Kayla Johnson gave Prairie a 23-21 lead.
A missed spike scored the sideout but a kill each by Kayla Johnson and Rad gave Prairie the 3-point win.
Prairie jumped out to a 6-1 lead in the second game on 2 aces by Sigler, an ace by Riener and 2 kills by Duman and another by Kayla Johnson.
The game was still close at 8-4 when Summit missed a serve.
A kill by Schlader was then followed by 4 straight aces by Fran Johnson who served Prairie to a 14-4 lead.
After a sideout, Chmelik answered with 4 aces for Summit as they closed the gap back to 4 at 14-10.
She finally missed a serve and Prairie sent Rad to the service line and all she did was serve out the match. She had an ace then Prairie got a kill each from Kayla Johnson and Sigler. Rad then served up 7 straight aces to finish off the match.
Vs. Kamiah
The third place match against Kamiah was a battle from the start. The opening game saw the lead change hands 7 times with neither team leading by more than 5 points.
Prairie looked to be in control when they took a 16-11 lead after an ace by Rad. But she missed her next serve and Kamiah score 9 more points in a row to take a 16-21 lead. A missed serve finally ended the run.
Prairie answered back with a kill by Kayla Johnson and an ace by Sigler to pull within 19-21.
Kamiah scored a kill for the sideout but Prairie took the serve right back on a kill by Duman. A kill by Kayla Johnson on a tip and 4 straight aces by Riener enabled Prairie to pull out a 25-23 win.
In the second game though Kamiah was able to break a 5-5 tie and pull away from the Pirates, eventually winning by 11.
Prairie fended that loss off though by opening the decisive third game with a 5-0 run. Kayla Johnson scored two kills on tips and then scored a stuff block, Fran Johnson added a kill and Riener added an ace for a 5-0 lead.
Kamiah came right back to take a 7-9 lead but a kill by Fran Johnson for a sideout and then an ace by Fran tied the score.
The rest of the game was a seesaw battle as one team would take a 1 point lead only to see the other team tie it back up.
Kamiah had a match point at 13-14 but Duman scored a kill on a tip and Riener served up an ace to give Prairie a chance at match point.
Kamiah scored a kill to tie it but a kill by Fran Johnson gave Prairie another match point chance.
Another kill by Kamiah tied it at 16 but a kill by Rad gave Prairie a third match point opportunity.
A missed served tied the score but a kill by Fran Johnson gave Prairie a fourth match point chance and third time they came through as Fran Johnson’s dig of Kamiah’s serve went to Rad who tipped the ball over on the second touch for the match winner.
For the day (4 matches, 10 games) Kayla Johnson had 34 kills including 3 stuff blocks and 5 aces. Rad had 25 kills including 2 stuffs plus 18 aces. Fran Johnson had 24 kills and 12 aces. Duman had 11 kills and 7 aces. Schlader had 5 kills and 2 aces. Sigler had 65 assists, 3 kills and 5 aces. Riener had 3 assists and 20 aces. Lustig had 2 kills, 2 assists and 1 ace.
With the 3-1 match record on the day, Prairie now has a 5-3 match record for the season, matching the total number of match wins they had all last season.

JV team takes second at Jenifer Tournament
The JV Lady Pirates got off to a rather slow start on Saturday, losing to Asotin in the first match of their pool play. 
They then rallied with strong wins over Grangeville and Jenifer to take 2nd place in their pool.  This put them in the position to  cross over to play Lake City, the 1st place team in Pool B. After a close 3 - game match, the Pirates came up with another win to play for 1st or 2nd place.  
They split the first two games with Sacajawea, only to be defeated in the 3rd game, placing them in 2nd place in the overall tournament.
Nice job Lady Pirates!

The Prairie JV Volleyball team took second place at the Jenifer Tournament Saturday. Front from left are Kelsey Tidwell, Brandi Gehring and Beka Bruner. Middle from left are RAchel Falzon, Hope Vanator, Stephanie Gimmeson, Keely Schmidt and Cheryl Gehring. Back from left are coach Marlene Forsmann, Tyler Workman, Kayla Frei, Leah Holthaus, Lydia Lustig and Claire Whitley. Photo provided by Marlene Forsmann.
Tanna Schlader spikes the ball at Highland.
MeShel Rad pounds the ball in the Highland match. Also shown is Tanna Schlader.

JV time is 6 p.m. with varsity to follow, except where indicated. 
  2-Grangevile, there, 5 p.m., lost in 4 games
  7-Highland, there, won in 4 games
  9-Troy/Summit, here, 5 p.m., lost to Troy in 3 games, beat Summit in 3 games
11-Kendrick Tournament, beat Asotin in 3 games, lost to Orofino in 2 games, beat Summit in 2 games, beat Kamiah in 3 games, 3rd place.
11-JV at Jenifer Tourn., TBA, took 2nd place
14-Kendrick, there, lost in 4 games, details next week.
16-CV/Grangeville, here, 5 p.m.
20-Nezperce, here
21-Potlatch, there
23-Genesee, there
25-at Pomeroy Tournament, TBA
25-Prairie JV Tournament
28-Timberline, there
30-Kamiah/Lapwai, at Kamiah
  2-Genesee Tournament, TBA
  4-Kamiah, here, 4:30 p.m., Date changed from Oct. 7 - Senior Night
12-Deary, there
16, 18, 19, 21-District at LCSC
29-30-State at Burley
Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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