Promotion ceremony for Cottonwood cadets
Brigadier General Steven L. Kwast, former commander at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan, led the promotions ceremony for Cadets Rachel Uhlenkott and Rachel Spencer, ages 15 and 17 respectively, of Cottonwood on Saturday, August 14 in Lewiston.  General Kwast, left, with Civil Air Patrol cadets including Rachel Uhlenkott, third from left, and Rachel Spencer, second from right.He also took time to encourage all the cadets present to continue giving of themselves in the Civil Air Patrol. 
Cadet Rachel Uhlenkott of Blue Mountain Composite Squadron invited General Kwast to speak to members of her Civil Air Patrol Squadron while visiting her family in the Cottonwood area.  Brigadier General Steven L. Kwast is currently assigned as Deputy Director for Politico-Military Affairs for Europe, NATO and Russia, Joint Staff, the Pentagon, Washington, D.C.  His full biography can be read here:
After answering a few questions from squadron and family members, General Kwast presided over each cadet’s promotion to Cadet Airman First Class for completing Civil Air Patrol’s Hap Arnold Achievement.  Both cadets expressed they were excited that General Kwast could make it to their ceremony.
Despite this one star general’s long list of credentials, General Kwast described himself as average as any man.  The values cadets are learning in the Civil Air Patrol also shaped his life. 
General Kwast emphasized to cadets the importance of  integrity, ‘fierce discipline’ and service to others.  In General Kwast’s words, “If there’s one thing I leave you with, one thing you remember, it is this…Nothing is more important than honesty with yourself and with every one in your life, that you are brutally honest and you never let go of that integrity.” 
Cadets and Senior Members of Blue Mountain Composite Squadron wish to extend their thankfulness to Brigadier General Kwast and his family for taking time out of their vacation to speak with us about his experiences.
Blue Mountain Composite Squadron meets at the Lewiston Nez Perce Civilian Airport in the Civil Air Patrol Building every Monday at 7:00p.m.   For more information, Contact Kim Martin, Public Affairs Officer at 208-790-3402 or at .  Find us on Facebook under Blue Mountain Composite Squadron-Civil Air Patrol.
General Kwast is the son-in-law of Nick and Cheri McDonough of Cottonwood.

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