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To the Editor
I donít generally write letters to the editor. But I feel that this is an important issue. 
Two candidates are running for State Superintendent of Public Instruction in Idaho: the incumbent Tom Luna is being challenged by Dr. Stan Olson.
Dr. Stan Olsonís professional educational experience began with a career as a classroom teacher, then as a Superintendent of Schools in Natrona County, Wyoming, from 1997-2002, and finally as Superintendent of Schools in the Boise School District, from 2002-2010. Dr. Olson received his Bachelorís degree in Education, from Central Michigan University, his Master of Arts in Education, from Eastern Michigan University, and his Doctorate in Educational Leadership, from Western Michigan University.
Tom Lunaís education experience includes being a former Nampa School Board member and service as a senior advisor to the U. S. Secretary of Education  from 2003-2005. Tom Luna received  an online degree in Measurement Sciences in 2002  from Thomas Edison State College (New Jersey). 
Idahoís residents, our schools, our students, and our profession, as educators, deserve a new direction. We need a leader who knows how schools really work. We need someone who understands the daily challenges classroom teachers and other professionals face and the importance of adequate resources to help students receive a quality education. We need a leader who has the courage to tell the truth to other powerful public leaders and to be educationís champion.
I feel that Dr. Stan Olson will be a powerful leader for education for Idahoís students.
 Jerry Richardson

Letter to the Editor
Jim Rehder is the, "Education Commissioner" in Idaho County.  Rehder's smart budget sense and dedication to education have been nothing short of extraordinary in making sure our schools are funded.  
Commissioner Rehder's efforts to provide funding through the Secure Rural Schools (SRS) (formerly Craig/Wyden) program has resulted in an increase from $850,000 to $5.5 million in funds to Idaho County's public schools, since he was first elected six years ago.  These funds are the result of Jim Rehder's commitment to recapturing our Federal and State tax dollars, and bringing them back to Idaho County, where they are sorely needed.  His efforts allow us to have quality education for our school children, low property taxes and manageable levies.  
Next year the SRS comes up for renewal, and we need Jim Rehder leading the charge for Idaho County!  Join me in voting for Jim Rehder, November 2nd.
Carrie Nygaard
Kamiah, Idaho

Dear Editor,
I have known Jim since he was first elected to the commission because of his attendance at meetings covering EMS and Fire Departments.  Jim has always been helpful to those organizations and supportive in their efforts to obtain funding for their departments.  I have found Jim to be honest and forthright in everything he does.  I recommend that you again vote for him in November.  
Keith Jepson

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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