Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

Letter to the Editor:
While the word incumbent might be a naughty one to some,  the experience and years as a caring public servant make Jim Rehder the person to keep on our Idaho County Commission.  Jim is a champion supporter of Education, was a leader in the public school’s booster club, helps with the Idaho County Fair and served on the Hospital Board for 5 years.  He works tirelessly to secure funding and resources to care for our County’s needs.  This experience will be invaluable as we face the future of our Idaho County.
As family friends of Jim Rehder for many years, we support and urge every voter to re-elect him as Idaho County Commissioner.  
Louis and Linda Stubbers

To the Editor
Jim Rehder has the “can do, get ‘r done” leadership attitude Idaho County needs!
He maintains a close connection with our cities, community organizations and civic groups, listening to the needs of the people - always ready and willing to help any way he can. Jim understands the concerns of the residents and works tirelessly on those troubling issues, such as road and school funding, solid waste and now wolf management. Idaho County is well represented and we are fortunate to have a man with his tenacity and drive leading the charge.  Please join me in the re-election of Idaho County Commissioner Jim Rehder.  Let’s keep his experience and professionalism working on our behalf!
June Whitten

To the Editor,
Notice to Prairie High School students, Prairie School patrons and Keuterville area residents:
School zone targeted
The school zone and road to Prairie High School has recently been a target zone for the Idaho County Sheriff’s Department.
On Thursday the 23rd of September they had two deputies, one at the school and one between Prairie High and Cottonwood. I believe in good law enforcement, but, if in fact the Sheriff’s Department has been authorized to issue additional tickets to generate more revenue for the department, this borders on harassment.
Guy J. Jungert
205 Maughmer Pt. Road

To the Editor,
Points of interest: University of Idaho is trying to weasel out of its constitutional obligation to charge no tuition to in-state students with SJR101 constitutional amendment at the November 2nd elections. They have ignored the law for decades saying everyone else does the same. So does the Idaho Legislature. Is that what they teach in law school? No – no – a thousand times NO. Let’s make it many thousand times no. Vote NO SJR 101.
Idaho Power issued a flyer on Compact Fluorescent Lights. They mention a small amount of mercury is in them and to call your local hazardous materials people for special handling of broken lights. The “small amount” of mercury is approximately 300 times the EPA standard accepted safety level; and can still be upwards of 100 times days after “clean up” when carpeting is involved. In one reported case a person was quoted $2,000 for a clean up. The new LED lights cost less and reportedly put our more light with no mercury.
Could the freeloaders (sales tax exempt) people possibly be members of the Idaho Association of Cemmerce and Industry? Fox guarding the henhouse?
Walt Minnick (great guy) Democrat by choice. Elect Raul Labrador; the Republican choice.
C.M. “Chuck” Vogelsong

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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