NOSDA training set for Oct. 14
The No One Shall Die Alone program sponsored by Clearwater Valley Hospital and Clinics is hosting a Sr. Janet Barnard, CVHC/SMHC Mission Integration Coordinator, will facilitate an October 14 NOSDA training session in Orofino.  Potential volunteers invited.volunteer training on Thursday, October 14 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. at CVHC in Orofino.  Pre registration is appreciated but anyone is welcome to attend to learn more about the program.  To register call Paula Lohmeyer, NOSDA volunteer, 476-9291.
The three hour training will be facilitated by Sr. Janet Barnard, CVHC Mission Integration Coordinator.  Different speakers will present on topics including communication skills, nondenominational support; diversity; confidentiality and family interactions. Volunteers from the Kamiah and Cottonwood area are welcome to attend.  Both communities also sponsor a NOSDA program.
According to the training flyer, NOSDA volunteers sit with people nearing the end of life’s journey.  “We sit with patients in the hospital, nursing home or assisted living facility, providing a caring presence to those without family or giving some time off to a loving family,” says the flyer.
NOSDA volunteers respond to requests from families or health care providers.  They meet as a group on an ‘as needed’ basis for training and support.
“We recruit new volunteers and provide training about once a year.  It is nice to have a group of individuals willing to provide a loving presence at the end of another’s life,” said Lohmeyer.  “We do not go into people’s homes, but stay with them when they are in a hospital, long term care or assisted living facility.  Any interested family can contact the facility to request NOSDA’s participation or they can call Sr. Janet Barnard at CVHC, 476-4555.”

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