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Letter to the Editor
This letter is in support of Jim Rehder for county commissioner. Jim has been very active in procuring the land needed for the Riggins Gun Club. With out his help and perseverance we would still not have a gun range here in the canyon. Jim has my support and that of the gun club, lets keep a man like Jim in office, he works for the people in his district, lets work for him.
Rodger Laughlin 
VP Salmon River Gun Club
Pollock Idaho

Letter to the Editor
Idaho County residents have a responsibility to return Jim Rehder as County Commissioner. He has worked hard with county budgets, attracting new jobs into the area and securing public lands payments for our roads and schools. We need his experience. 
Jim is not perfect as he missed at least two calls as high school referee that I witnessed.
We need Jim in the courthouse.
Frank Hausladen
Fenn, Idaho

To the Editor
Jim Rehder has a solid work ethic and has made good decisions in his two terms as Idaho County Commissioner. Jim is approachable, knows the people, the county and in our opinion he brings balance to an office that seems to beworking well together. Please join us and vote for Jim on November 2.
Eleanor "Poofy" Wagner
Maryann Solberg

To the Editor
We have an Idaho County commissioner running for office again who is very capable of handling the job and that is Jim Rehder.
I live on Joseph Plains and have a cattle ranch, and if Jim was called about a matter that needed attention he was always there.  It was always, "I'll see what can be done", and he followed through with the results.
Commissioner Rehder, is there for the small land owners or the big land owners or the person on the street.
I know Jim is on other boards and needs to split his time but he never makes you feel your request is not worth his time.
Please support Jim for reelection.  It is a step in making Idaho County a better place to live.
Margie Wright

I have known Jim Rehder for over 25 years. He has been a life-long Idaho County resident.   He always has the citizens of Idaho County and the State of Idaho first in his mind with any decisions he makes.   Jim is an excellent County Commissioner.
Ronald Sigler, MD

Letter to the Editor
It is with a great deal of pride that we heartily endorse Jim Rehder for Idaho County Commissioner.  Jim has shown that he cares deeply about Idaho County, its communities and its future. He has taken the time to visit Elk City frequently and keep in close touch with community members.  In particular, I appreciate his opposition to the Lochsa Land Trade and especially the strong stance against trading any lands in the Elk City area.  This is a very important issue to those of us who live in Elk City. Jim has done his homework, has made contacts, and worked hard to see that this Elk City land trade doesn’t happen. He is extremely responsive to concerns from this area of our county!  With severe weather conditions, Jim has worked to ensure that our roads are well taken care of and we have updated road equipment to get the job done!  His experience speaks for itself.  We have great faith in Jim and we believe he continues to be what we need at this time in our county – someone who cares about our communities and our citizens.  Jim has our vote on November 2. Please join with us in voting for Jim Rehder for Idaho county commissioner - a voice we know we can trust.
Jim and Susie Borowicz
Elk City,

Letter to the Editor
Voters should be aware that they have a good man they don't want to lose-this is Jim Rehder who is dedicated and knowledgeable about serving Idaho County.   It would be a serious misfortune for Idaho County to lose him at this time.
Please vote for Jim Rehder at the election this year.
Yours truly, 
Lewis A. Crea
Former Idaho County Commissioner

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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