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Letter to the Editor
We thought we would write a letter saying Thank You to Jeanette Kelly! We want to thank you for your kind generosity to our community of picking up the garbage along the highway from St. Gertrude’s Monastery to Cottonwood. It goes without saying that it is such a wonderful thing that you do to make our dive on that stretch of highway a more beautiful one!
So next time you see Jeanette walking and picking up garbage, maybe give her a big wave or honk and let her know you appreciate it too!
God Bless!!
Lori Mader and Marina Geis

Below are several of the Letters to the Editor we received this week. We give subscribers first crack. We received several others as well and will try to get them all in before the election.

To the Editor
I would like to ask for your support for Jim Chmelik for Idaho County Commissioner.  Jim Chmelik has stuck around and worked hard for the people of Idaho County for a long time.  Whether it is lobbying down in the legislature, volunteering his time to the Idaho County Republican Central Committee as precinct committee person, secretary and now as vice-chairman, or supporting our children at the annual 4-H sale, he believes in the values of Idaho County and it's people. He and Colleen are raising their family here and paying taxes in Idaho County. Now he wants to go to work for you.  Let's give him a shot to put that enthusiasm to work for us. He and the other two current commissioner would do a good job of running the county as efficiently as possible.  Join me in voting for Jim Chmelik for Idaho County Commissioner on Nov. 2. 
Donna Wassmuth
Greencreek, Idaho

Dear Editor:
Idaho now faces a critical election this November 2nd.  Please join me in the battle of protecting unborn children by helping to elect Raul Labrador to the United States Congress.  
Since being elected to the Idaho House in 2006, Raul Labrador has proven to be an effective  pro-life leader; he has supported and voted for key prolife legislation throughout his legislative career and has earned a 100% pro-life voting record. He has voted to allow a woman the right to view the ultrasound image of her unborn child before an abortion is performed on her, and he was also a sponsor of the Conscience Protection Bill for health care professionals.
Raul has and is aggressively opposing the Obama Health care law which will provide government funding for health plans that pay for abortion on demand and which will lead to the rationing of life saving medical treatments.  For being such a strong advocate of life, he has been endorsed by the National Right to Life Political Action Committee. 
His opponent, Walt Minnick, supports a policy of abortion on demand and voted against an amendment that would have prohibited federal funding of abortion on demand in all parts of the Obama health care bill. He has also been endorsed by NARAL—National Abortion Rights Action League.
Please join me in supporting Raul Labrador, the only pro-life candidate running for the First Congressional District for United States Congress. 
Kerry Uhlenkott
Grangeville, Idaho 83530

Dear Editor:
When I think of a family that possesses a strong moral commitment to God, to family and to country, I think of the Felix and Sherry Nuxoll family.   When Sherry made the decision to run for the Idaho Senate 8th District, it was a decision that was made with the full support of her husband and family—because that is how they do things—as a family.  
As long as I have known them, they have been strong advocates of life which is reflected in the love they have for each other and for each of their 6 beautiful children and 3 grandchildren. 
The pro-life issue is one of the things that have always been dear to their hearts. I know with all certainty that Sherry will reflect and aggressively defend familial and pro-life values and rights if she is elected to the Idaho Senate. 
I encourage all to support and vote for Sheryl Nuxoll for the Idaho Senate District 8 this November 2nd.  
Kerry Uhlenkott
Grangeville, Idaho 83530

Letter to the Editor,
To the voters of Idaho County,
In the upcoming election we have two men seeking the seat of Idaho County Commissioner.
Jim Chmelik came to Idaho County a number of years ago. He married a lady who is from a local family. Her forefathers came to Idaho County over a hundred years ago and their descendants are still here.
Not only did Jim Chmelik settle here with his family, he also brought to Idaho County his successful cabinet and furniture business. Jim knows what it is to meet a payroll and keep his business running smoothly and his business has added to the Idaho County tax base.
Jim has had to make his own way and is a self-made man who wants to make a better future for our children and grandchildren.
As far as schools go, he and his wife send their children to a private school for which they pay the tuition charge. Remember that they also pay their share of taxes to support the public schools.
We have had enough of the politician who all he knows is how to spend money. We need more people like Jim Chmelik who knows how to create economy and save, who also works to make our community a better place to be.
That is why we are voting for Jim Chmelik. He will put Idaho County and its citizens first.
Vote November 2.
In God We Trust,
Shorty and Marge Arnzen

No Need to Change, Re-Elect Jim Rehder for County Commissioner
I fully support Idaho County Commissioner Jim Rehder and would like Salmon River Canyon residents to join me in voting for his reelection.  He consistently attends Riggins area meetings and offers valuable insight and solutions to issues.  Jim comes to visit our community as often as he can, and he listens to our needs and goals, rather than us having to travel to a commissioner meeting in Grangeville to be heard.  He is always available when we have issues or concerns--Jim represents us well.  He is interested in the progress and betterment of Idaho County and works hard to move it forward.  My motto is, "If it isn't broken, don't fix it."  He is an established and proven commissioner for Idaho County, so please join me to re-elect Jim Rehder as our County Commissioner.  
Bob Crump

To the Editor
I have  worked with Jim Rehder both personally and professionally quite often during his service as Idaho County Commissioner. Jim is doing an outstanding job of keeping roads and trails open to the public and fighting off the evil entities that would further restrict public use of the Salmon River. He understands the value and economic need for recreation and tourism in Idaho County.
Wolves were relisted on August 5, 2010. Since then Jim, as well as the other County Commissioners, have been dedicated to finding a means of managing wolf populations that would minimize and /or eliminate the economic hardships that unmanaged wolves inflict upon livestock and wildlife of Idaho County.  
The Salmon River Gun Club(SRGC) and the shooting public are very greatful to Jim for his hard work in finding a suitable site for a gun range and helping to have the site conveyed to the SRGC. This will provide a proper location to conduct Hunter Safety courses as well as provide the public with  safe shooting facilities. 
Jim has been doing an outstanding job as County Commissioner. Voters should RE-ELECT JIM REHDER on November 2.
Justin Mann
Lucile Idaho

To the Editor
Will the real conservative, please stand up.  I have known Jim Chmelik now for 22 years and I will vouch for his true conservative colors.  He is the pro-life, pro-business, low tax, small government Republican in the race.  He is no Johnny come lately to the conservative cause.  He believes in growing our existing tax base through the creation of jobs within the private sector, not raising taxes like the Democrat commissioner advocated for in this year’s budgeting hearings.  I think that it is time for a change, please join me in supporting Jim Chmelik Nov.2.
Mike and Jana Frei
Grangeville, Idaho

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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