Homecoming results
Following is the information from an extremely successful week of homecoming events:
*Float winner: Seniors
*Alumni information:  This year recognized a few of the alumni that are in attendance at the 2010 Homecoming football game.  The oldest Prairie Pirate alumnus in attendance was Judy Forsman, having graduated in 1962. The classes with the most alumni in attendance were the graduated classes of 1986 and 2010. 
*Queen candidates were: Meaghan Bruner, daughter of Teel and Kellie Bruner, and her escort was Cole Schlader; Francesca Johnson, daughter of Rick and Veronica Johnson, and her escort was Spencer Schumacher; Kendra Dinning, daughter of Ken and Stacie Dinning, and her escort was Drew Dinning and Shelby Duman, daughter of Jack and Cara Duman, and her escort was Conrad Duman.
*King candidates were: Devin Schmidt, son of Paul and Debbie Schmidt; Brock Heath, son of Gordon Heath and Theresa Carter; Seth Guyer, son of Lynn and Sue Guyer; Justin Cox, son of Justin and Summer Yorke; Beau Schlader, son of Scot and Shelly Schlader; David Johnson, son of Ted and Theresa Schmidt; Colton Nuxoll, son of Archie and Monica Nuxoll and Ryan Dalgliesh, son of Rick and Sonia Dalgliesh
*The homecoming queen and king were:  King Beau Schlader and Queen Shelby Duman.
*The overall winner of the spirit points was the senior class.

The Senior Class float was judged the winner of the float competition at Homecoming. Shelby Duman, who was later crowned
Homecoming queen rides the float with her escort, Conrad Duman.

The Junior Class float with Homecoming Queen candidate Kendra Dinning and her escort Drew Dinning.

The Sophomore class float was probably the most appropriate for the weather on Homecoming night. 
Queen candidate Francesca Johnson is shown with her escort, Spencer Schumacher.

The Freshman Class float with Homecoming Queen candidate Meaghan Bruner and her escort Cole Schlader.

The PHS Cheerleaders lead the parade.

The PHS band in the Homecoming Parade.

All the Homecoming Queen and King candidates are on the field awaiting the announcement of the winners. From left are Conrad Duman, Shelby Duman, Drew Dinning, Kendra Dinning, Spencer Shumacher, Francesca Johnson, Cole Schlader, Meaghan Bruner, Colton Nuxoll, Devin Schmidt, Beau Schlader, Seth Guyer, David Johnson, Ryan Dalgliesh and Brock Heath.

The Junior-Sophomore team in white and the Senior-Freshman team in black at the Powder Puff Game last Wednesday. We understand the Junior-Sophomore team won big. Photo submitted by Merannda Chaffee.

Another photo from the Powder Puff game. Photo submitted by Merannda Chaffee.

The bonfire which was lit after the Powder Puff game on Wednesday. Photo submitted by Merannda Chaffee.

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