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To the Editor
If you like Nancy Pelosi, who gave us Obamacare, vote for Walt Minnick.  He voted for her for Speaker of the house last time.  If you don't, vote for Raul Labrador for 1st  District congressman.  It's as simple as that!!
 Thank you,
 Charlotte DeArmond

To the Editor
Our three representatives in the Idaho County Commission are working well together.  As a Team, they have lobbied for Federal dollars in support of roads and schools.  They have worked to keep our County financially viable and with in budget.  The Commissioners have worked to attract new business to our area and have been strong backers of the airport improvements to the Grangeville airport.  We can feel comfortable that this Team represents the County’s   interests and are working on problem solutions that will benefit the area in which we live.  
Jim Rehder has been an active and productive part of this Team.  He has represented the County well in State meetings and in dealings with the Federal Government.  Perhaps more important is his willingness to be transparent in sharing the business of the County.  He makes it a point to attend public gatherings to discuss the business of the County and what the Commissioners are doing as well as to listen to you and me and the issues we may have.  He is available to his constituency.
Jim is an experienced County Commissioner and brings a political party balance to our County representatives.  For these reasons, I urge you to join me in voting for Jim Rehder on Tuesday November 2nd.
Dave Poncin
Grangeville, ID

To the editor
I support Jim Rehder
I have observed Jim Rehder's performance as Idaho County Commissioner for his six years in office.  He has a solid record of responsibility with our tax dollars. In his first year in office he cut over $150,000 in county expenses and continues to be a frugal manager of tax payer dollars.  He understands the complicated county budget and levy system and always considers the impact on our families before making financial decisions.  I've also watched Rehder's opponent, who in a 2006 letter to the Idaho County Free Press, referred to SRS (formerly Craig/Wyden) funding as welfare!  Now he's speaking about how important this funding is.  It just shows that we were right to elect Jim Rehder TWICE before over his opponent and it is right to do it again this November.  Jim Rehder helped turn our county around and attain financial stability while other counties in the state are struggling.  I ask you to cast your vote for strong county leadership and reelect Jim Rehder.
Larry Nims

The Truth about Rehder
The position of Idaho County Commissioner is a thankless job.  A good commissioner considers the needs of the entire county.  Decisions are often difficult and controversial.  A good decision a made only after all sides of an issue are discussed, to suggest a point of view does not necessarily advocate that point of view. Case in point, Jim Rehder did not vote to increase property taxes in Idaho County as claimed by his opponent.  Idaho County needs a balanced commission.  Jim Rehder provides that balance.    
Party affiliations shouldn’t be at issue in a county election. The honesty, dedication, concern and common sense of the candidate are at issue.  Please join me in voting for Jim Rehder for Idaho County Commissioner.
Sharon Cox

The Lonely Democrat
Jim Rehder wants us to believe he is the one conservative Democrat.  Leaving room for the possibility of an epiphany I still have unresolved questions.  
Why would Rehder use the Democratic Party as a springboard?  The Democratic Party is the Party of Abortion (4000/Day,  50 million since Roe V Wade).  The Democrat party does not respect the constitution nor the God given rights reserved to the people.  Democrats have been the primary architects of liberal, progressive, totalitarian policy since Woodrow Wilson 100 Years Ago. Woodrow designed the “Progressive Income Tax” which empowered the IRS with unconstitutional searches and seizures (Amendment 4).  Woodrow continued with the Federal Reserve which enabled the use of Fiat Currency.   “Fair Housing Acts” empowered by FDR, LBJ, Carter, Clinton, and Obama eroded the conforming limits which directly destroyed the current housing market.  Democrats champion attacks on free political speech (Fairness Doctrine) and freedom of religion (# 1).  Incidentally “Separation of Church and State” is not language used in our constitution.  The intent of the framers was only to prevent a theocracy not muzzle Christians.  They attack the right to bear arms (#2).   They completely ignore enumerated power limitations (#9), and lack any respect for States Rights (#10).  
Hey Jim, if you truly stand against these things, I invite you to the Republican Party.  At least there is some hope it can still be reformed.  I know it must be lonely as the lone principled Democrat.  Call anytime, you just need to talk.
Phil Seubert

Dear Editor, 
Assuming the Democrats are still in control of the US House of Representatives after November 2 will Walt Minnick vote again for Pelosi as Speaker of the House?
I have a friend who wanted to know, so he spoke to Minnick’s aide at the Lewiston office and asked this very question, “will Congressman Minnick vote again for Pelosi.”
The reply was “we don’t know”, my friend said “what do you mean we don’t know”.
He asked a second time, how the congressman will vote, “yes or no” for Pelosi.  Again, ‘we don’t know.’  He asked this three times and got the same answer.  
My question does Minnick ever vote how he thinks or do the “we” control his votes.  I think the “we” told him to vote against the Pelosi Health Bill, because they had his posterior covered and this would look good to the ‘dim bulbs’ in Idaho.  
Betty Alm

To the Editor
A Fresh Breeze
Idaho has been in the doldrums for too long, steered by the negative leadership of its legislature and especially its governor. Their answer to economic downturn is to cut programs such as education, Medicaid and needed infrastructure improvements and maintain special tax exemptions for those who are most well off.
Keith Allred is a fresh breeze for all Idaho. As governor, he would bring skill, intelligence and unity to the office.
He believes Idaho can lower income tax rates by removing special-interest tax breaks and lowering the rate for everyone. As a father of three, Keith believes strongly that a solid public education system is the way we help Idaho’s kids get a good start on their lives and careers.
For these reasons, I’m voting for a refreshing change. Keith Allred is my man.
Charles Haight

To the Editor,
Are you tired of politics as usual and politicians who fall into lock-step with the party line?  Let us introduce you to Keith Allred, who is running for Idaho’s governor. Keith believes that the people of Idaho should once again have a seat at the table restored to them in making decisions that affect us all. He believes that the common sense and the common interest of the people should prevail, not the special interests of big business or of the radical far right or far left.  Keith Allred will be a governor for all of Idaho.
Dave and Bobbi Bodine

Letter to the Editor:
Rehder is good for Idaho County
When Jim Rehder came into office in 2005, there was an unproductive environment in the courthouse. With his leadership and vision, the county overcame its troubles and is operationally stable and providing good service. Jim demonstrates forward thinking to grow jobs, retain established businesses and works to keep property taxes low. Jim is a very knowledgeable and experienced commissioner. He understands the budget and is a good manager of the tax payers' money. From his first day in office, he showed interest in and continues to support the county airport within a reasonable budget, a project I worked on for many years-the airport is an untapped economic engine for Idaho County. We need to keep Jim Rehder as our County Commissioner. Please join me in voting for Jim on Nov. 2.
Harry Owens
Former Idaho County Commissioner

Letter to the Editor
Jim Rehder needs to be reelected Idaho County Commissioner.
Many people are unaware that in the November General election you can vote for the best candidate rather than voting a straight ticket as required in the Primary. I strongly recommend you get as informed as possible about the candidates before voting.
During this time of unrest in our country, people vote for change without thinking of the consequences. Having served as a county commissioner, I follow the issues closely. I have crossed party lines to vote for the best candidate, and I will again in this election. A serious issue is the reauthorization of Secure Rural Schools and Payment in Lieu of Taxes for Idaho County.
The loss of $10 million for roads and schools would be a huge burden to Idaho County tax payers.
Commissioner Jim Rehder holds positions on vital national public lands committees. I have nothing against his opponent; however, we need to keep an experienced voice representing us on these committees. We can't risk losing what we have gained. I believe it is critical to re-elect Jim Rehder, Idaho County Commissioner.
Laurine Nightingale

Letter to the Editor
I support Idaho County Commissioner Jim Rehder for Re-election. I've known Jim and his family all their lives and he is very moral, ethical, hard working and honest. Jim Rehder shares the values of  Idaho County's citizens. He has a record of making the most of Idaho County's tax dollar; he truly pays attention to input from us, the people of the county and he supports public education, which is under siege from our current state budget. He cares about making our forests available to us in the way of trails, roads, rivers and creeks. This is what makes Jim Rehder the best candidate to vote for in November. 
Rita Riener,
Former President, Idaho Council of Catholic Women

Letter to the Editor:
Jim Rehder for Idaho County Commissioner
I have known Jim for some time and have found him to be very dedicated to his job as Commissioner. He works hard at securing funding for schools and roads in Idaho County. Jim is the only Commissioner to come out to visit us at our home and listen to our concerns. Therefore, I recommend that you join me in November and vote to re-elect Jim Rehder for Idaho County Commissioner.
Vernon Agee

To the Editor
I am asking for your vote for Raul Labrador for US Congress on Nov 2. Labrador does not support illegal immigration. He worked to help immigrant families become legal, permanent residents. Raul and his wife, Rebecca live in Eagle, Idaho, and have 5 children enrolled in public schools. In the past he was a Boy Scout and volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America. Raul is endorsed by NRA and Idaho Chooses Life.  He is also endorsed by Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry and many other pro-family and pro-business groups.  He is a successful small businessman.  He has a proven record of standing up for our values and will fight for what’s right.  He will protect the taxpayers, not the special interests.  More than ever, we need his strong conservative leadership in Congress.  As we watch the countdown for Democratic tax hikes which will take place if not repealed, please join me in voting for Raul Labrador for US Congress.
Donna Wassmuth
Greencreek, Idaho 83533 

Letter to the Editor
I am disgusted by the negative ads and letters about Commissioner Rehder.  His voting record is clear.  Rehder's opposition has purposefully attempted to misinform the public by claiming that Rehder voted for a tax increase and a pay raise for county employees.  I found out there was never a vote taken on either issue!  You can call the Idaho County Clerk at 983-2751 or review the commission meeting minutes at www.idahocounty.org to confirm my facts. The Republicans are resorting to "underhanded scare tactics" in the last weeks of the campaign, where Rehder has been working hard for 6 months, meeting people, listening to their opinions and ensuring they know the truth about him.  The Idaho Democrats don't come close to the national politics; again, another scare tactic.  Rehder is pro-gun, pro-life and pro-Idaho County.  Vote to re-elect Rehder on Nov 2.
Marvin Forsmann, 
Grangeville ID

Value Public Education?
Vote Keith Allred for Governor, Stan Olson for Superintendent of Public Instruction and Leta Strauss for District 8 Senator.  These three candidates have the vision and commitment to work for quality public education for Idaho’s children.  They understand the real connection and importance of educating our youth to build an expanded economy and retain their talents and skills for a brighter economic future for Idaho.  Our economic diversity and stability depend in large part on providing that quality public education system today.
Vote for Allred, Olson and Strauss.  Our children need their vision.  It’s our best insurance for the future.
Roger and Janice Inghram

Letter to the Editor
Republicans, Democrats and Independents of Idaho: if you don’t take a serious look at Keith Allred for governor, you are missing the best opportunity our state has had in a very long time. It’s not just a campaign slogan – Keith is truly a candidate for all Idaho. It would seem like a dream to have a governor who has the skill, the intelligence and the desire to bring all sides together to work on bettering our future. Make that dream come true – vote Allred.
Judy L. McHone
Stites, ID  83552

Dear Editor:
Let's keep Idaho from sliding into some sort of 10th century theocracy: Vote Leta Strauss Idaho Senate, District 8.
"Separation of Church and State" is so important that the framers specifically codified a  prohibition on the establishment of state religion and made it the very 1st amendment to the US Constitution. Sharia Law - where, for example, women are compelled to cover themselves when in public - is a good example of the kind of tyranny that can occur when a ruling faction foists its view of religion and morality on the "general public".  In my view, it is in the best interest of Idaho that the person elected to Idaho SD8 both understand and fully support the spirit of the 1st Amendment; that person is NOT Sheryl Nuxoll.
Idaho needs to move forward, adopt progressive ideas, and keep itself on the list of "Last Great Places". Please vote for Leta Strauss Idaho Senate, District 8.
Jay Williams

To the Editor:
 Many in the media, both print and broadcast, seem to want to place everyone in one of two categories:  Either Liberal or Conservative.  We must recognize that the majority of the electorate is in the CENTER.  Likewise, an attempt is being made to categorize people as:  Either Right or Left.  Again, we
are of the opinion that the majority is in the CENTER.  KEITH ALLRED, although running on the Democratic ticket for the office of GOVERNOR, is in the CENTER, and should be elected accordingly.
The Republican Party in Idaho is highly critical of the Democratic Party, in Washington, D.C., because it controls both houses of Congress, as well as the Presidency, which it contends makes government out of control.  But, they have no trouble justifying the control of both houses of the Idaho Legislatures, as well as the Governor's office, by their party, and telling us that such is only good government.  IS  THAT HYPOCRISY? WE NEED TO ELECT KEITH ALLRED AND REALLY HAVE  GOOD GOVERNMENT!   Thank you.
Bill and Lucille Taylor

To the Editor
Three things I know about Jim Chmelik:  1. He is unfailingly honest.  2.  He is aggressively pro-business and entrepreneurial.  And 3.  He is energetically optimistic as a problem-solver.  Aren't these precisely the things we need in our elected officials?  Jim knows that what the government gives, the government can take away.  Therefore, the key to stability and security is to pursue local solutions.  A vote for Jim Chmelik is a vote for private sector jobs and robust local economy.  Please vote for Jim Chmelik for Idaho County Commissioner.
Thank you!
Kim Frei

To the Editor:
Jim Chmelik is running for Idaho County Commissioner.
Jim advocates the return of the culture of life in our society and the overturn of the infamous Roe vs. Wade Supreme court decision.  He also strongly supports our laws that protect marriage and the family.
His opponent calls himself “pro-life” but belongs to the Democrat Party whose platform strongly and unequivocally supports the “Roe” decision and a mother’s right to kill her unborn child.
The pro-life issue is a single issue but without the God given right to life as our first and primary right, all the verbiage about county finances and operations is mute. 
Please vote for Jim Chmelik for Idaho County Commissioner. 
Chuck Uhlenkott

To the Editor
I would like to take this opportunity to recommend that you vote for Jim Chmelik , Republican candidate for Idaho County Commissioner. Jim knows the issues, is honest, and is dedicated to representing the concerns of the Idaho County people.
Unfortunately I can not say the same for Jim’s opponent, Jim Rehder who is a member of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Democratic party, but has intentionally taken considerable effort to hide this fact from the public during this campaign. This fact is born out on all his billboard and roadside signs (take a look for yourself).
In my opinion this disingenuous type of campaigning illustrates the future ethics this "Shadow Democrat" may employ in his dealings as a County Commissioner.
Pete Ketcham

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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