Lady Pirates eliminate Kendrick
The Prairie Lady Pirates stayed alive at District with a 25-13, 18-25, 25-22, 25-22 win over Kendrick in a loser-out match Tuesday, Oct. 19 at the LCSC Activity Center in Lewiston.Shelby Duman goes crosscourt, away from the blocker, with a spike in the Kendrick match.
Sam Poxleitner served Prairie to a 5-1 lead in the opening game as she had an ace while Kayla Johnson scored a pair of kills and Fran Johnson added another.
Kendrick had pulled within 9-7 when MeShel Rad put together a 7-point service run to break the game open. She had 3 aces while Kayla Johnson scored 3 kills and Megan Sigler added another as Prairie took a 17-7 lead.
After trading sideouts, Sigler served 2 aces and Shelby Duman added a kill to make it 21-8.
The two teams pretty much traded points the rest of the game.
For the second game it was like two different teams playing as Kendrick dominated the action this time, breaking open the game with a 3-13 run that turned a 5-7 lead into an 8-20 lead.
Prairie managed to put together a rally to close within 4 at 18-22 after an ace by Demetria Riener and 3 kills by Rad. Kendrick then scored the sideout and served out the game.
Prairie bounced back in the third game but it was a more even battle than the first two games.
Prairie took leads of 11-7 and 13-9 only to see Kendrick rally to tie at 14. The score was tied 4 more times before Rad stuffed a Kendrick spike to give Prairie the lead for good at 20-19.
Rad then went to the service line for a 3-point run with an ace and a kill each by Kayla Johnson and Poxleitner.
After a sideout and an ace by Kendrick, Poxleitner scored a kill for the sideout to get to game point at 24-21.
Kendrick fought off one game point but Duman slammed a spike to the opposite corner from her right side spot for the game-winner.
The fourth game started like Kendrick was going to push the match to a fifth set as they jumped out to a 0-5 lead.
The held their biggest lead at 5-12 before bricking a serve to put Fran Johnson at the line for Prairie. She served 4 straight aces and Rad added a kill to cut the lead to 1 at 11-12.
Kendrick pushed their lead back to 5 twice, at 12-17 and 14-19.
A kill by Fran Johnson for a sideout put Riener on the service line and she served an ace. Rad added a kill and then Riener served 4 more aces to give Prairie their first lead of the game at 21-19. She then missed a serve but Kendrick did as well.
Fran Johnson added a kill to make it 23-20. 
Kendrick answered back with a pair of kills but Prairie scored the sideout when Sigler made a great dig and Rad knocked the ball over on second touch for a kill. Fran Johnson then served up an ace for the match winner.
Rad had 15 kills including a pair of stuff blocks along with 5 aces in the match. Kayla Johnson had 15 kills while Fran Johnson had 10 kills and 6 aces. Poxleitner had 8 kills and 4 aces. Duman had 4 kills and 3 aces. Sigler had 43 assists, 4 kills and 2 aces and Riener had 7 aces.

Lapwai ends Prairie's season
The Prairie Lady Pirates couldn’t finish off the first game and wound up losing to Lapwai 25-27, 19-25, 25-20, 20-25 in the third place game at the District Tournament Thursday, Oct. 21 at the LCSC Activity Center in Lewiston.
MeShel Rad looped around behind setter Megan Sigler, #4, for this spike against Lapwai. At left is Sam Poxleitner.With the loss the sixth seeded Pirates wound up fourth in the tournament and end their season at 12-16.
The opening game was probably the key game of the match due to the way it ended. 
Lapwai led early on at 1-4 as the Pirates couldn’t get their spikes over the net. 
They found their range though on a kill by Kayla Johnson with Demetria Riener serving up 2 aces and MeShel Rad adding a kill to take a 5-4 lead.
After a sideout by Lapwai, Fran Johnson scored a pair of kills, Shelby Duman served an ace and Rad added a kill for a 9-5 lead.
Lapwai rallied back though to retake the lead at 15-16. At that point Fran Johnson scored a kill on a tip and Riener followed with 4 straight aces. Another kill each by Fran Johnson and Rad and Prairie led 22-16.
After Lapwai scored a sideout a kill and a stuff block by Rad made it 24-18 giving Prairie 6 chances at game points.
Unfortunately they couldn’t convert on any of them and Lapwai tied it at 24 before bricking a serve. 
With another chance to win, Prairie missed the serve and Lapwai scored the next 2 points to pull out the win.
Losing like that carried over well into the next game as Lapwai jumped out to a 3-12 lead. Prairie was able to cut the lead down to 3 at 15-18 but that was as close as they would get.
In the third game Lapwai took a 6-11 lead as they threatened to sweep the Pirates. Prairie came back though and took a 15-14 lead after 3 straight aces by Shelby Duman.
After 4 straight sideouts, Prairie made it 18-16 on a kill by Sam Poxleitner. 
After both teams bricked serves, Megan Sigler served 2 aces to make it 21-17.
Lapwai was able to cut the lead to 1 at 21-20 before Poxleitner hammered a spike for a kill to put Tanna Schlader on the service line.
Schlader served out the game as Kayla Johnson scored a kill and Fran Johnson scored 2 kills with the game-winner hitting the top of the net and dropping straight down on Lapwai’s side.
Lapwai shrugged off that loss though and jumped out to 0-3 and 5-10 leads in the fourth game.
Prairie was able to cut the lead to 11-13 after an ace by Rad and a tip by Kayla Johnson but Lapwai quickly pushed the lead back to 6 at 11-17.
Prairie was able to get within 3 at 18-21 but could get no close as Lapwai ended their season.
For the match Rad had 15 kills including a stuff along with 3 aces. Fran Johnson had 14 kills, 2 assists and an ace. Kayla Johnson had 12 kills including a stuff. Poxleitner had 7 kills. Duman had 3 kills, 2 assists and 4 aces. Sigler had 43 assists, 2 kills and 2 aces. Riener had 8 aces and an assist. Schlader had 3 aces.

Johnson, Wemhoff named to all-star team
Francesca Johnson of Prairie High School and Rachel Wemhoff of Summit Academy have been named to the District II South team for the All-Star Volleyball game to be held Wednesday, Nov. 3 at Booth Hall in Lewiston.
The game is set to start at 7 p.m.
All-Star game participation is limited to members of the their school’s senior class and are voted in by the coaches.

Kayla Johnson spikes the ball in the Kendrick match. At left is Megan Sigler.
Sam Poxleitner spikes the ball against Lapwai. At right is Kayla Johnson.

JV time is 6 p.m. with varsity to follow, except where indicated. 
  2-Grangevile, there, 5 p.m., lost in 4 games
  7-Highland, there, won in 4 games
  9-Troy/Summit, here, 5 p.m., lost to Troy in 3 games, beat Summit in 3 games
11-Kendrick Tournament, beat Asotin in 3 games, lost to Orofino in 2 games, beat Summit in 2 games, beat Kamiah in 3 games, 3rd place.
11-JV at Jenifer Tourn., TBA, took 2nd place
14-Kendrick, there, lost in 4 games.
16-CV/Grangeville, here, 5 p.m., lost to CV in 4 games, lost to Grangeville in 3 games
20-Nezperce, here, lost in 3 games
21-Potlatch, there, won in 3 games
23-Genesee, there, lost in 3 games
25-at Pomeroy Tournament, TBA, won 2 matches, lost 3
25-Prairie JV Tournament
28-Timberline, there, won in 3 games
30-Kamiah/Lapwai, at Kamiah, lost to Kamiah in 3 games, beat Lapwai in 4 games
  2-Genesee Tournament, TBA, Defeated Deary and Wallace while losing to Grangeville, Kamiah and Orofino
  4-Kamiah, here, 4:30 p.m., Lost in 5 games
12-Deary, there, lost in 5 games
16, 18, 19, 21-District at LCSC, Defeated CV in 3 games; Lost to Troy in 5 games; Defeated Kendrick in 4 games. Lost to Lapwai in 4 games, season over
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