Sister Chanelle is honored
Although she lives an hour’s drive from Lewiston, and although she is busy at the Monastery receiving guests and tending to Community Action Partnership in Lewiston recognizes Sister Chanelle for her extraordinary contributions as a Volunteer Ombudsman.daily life here, Sister Chanelle Schuler still managed to receive awards for most volunteer hours and most miles travelled for her volunteer ombudsman work with Community Action Partnership. 
“I was surprised!” she remarked after the bi-annual all-team meaning. “They were recognizing others for their contributions and I was thinking ‘oh my gosh, that’s a lot of hours’ and then at the end they called on me.’”
The Lewiston organization coordinates and trains a corps of ombudsmen that acts as liaisons between assisted living patients and caregivers – and also patients and their families. With nearly 30 years as a nurse and 14 years as a hospital chaplain, this work is a natural fit for Sister Chanelle.
“We have a mission of being present,” she explained, “and of listening. Basically I am a listener.” In this way, she also expresses St. Benedict’s imperative: “Listen! Listen with the ear of your heart.”

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