Election is Tuesday
The general election is set for next Tuesday, Nov. 2, with polls open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
A new law passed recently requires voters to have a photo ID card with them when they sign in to vote, either an Idaho Driverís License or other valid ID card with a photo. If you donít have a photo ID you can still sign a signature affidavit at the polls. You cannot be legally turned away at the polls.
Also, a difference between the primary and general election ballots in Idaho is that you donít have to vote just one party although you can if thatís your preference. If you like the Republican in one race, the Democrat in another race and an independent or third party candidate in a third race you are allowed to vote how you choose.
There are several contested races on the ballot this year with the one drawing the most interest locally being for the Third District Idaho County Commissioner between incumbent Democrat Jim Rehder and 3-time challenger for the position, Republican Jim Chmelik.
The only other Idaho County race that is contested is for the Second District County Commissioner between incumbent Republican James Rockwell and Independent challenger Chuck Rogers.
Also up for election but unopposed on the ballot are Kathy Ackerman, who won a 3-way race in the primary, for Clerk of the District Court; James Zehner for Assessoer and Steve Frei for Coroner. All are Republicans. Also up for election is Sharon Cox for County Treasurer, running as an independent.
In Legislative District 8 Republican Ken Roberts is running unopposed for Representative Position A. Incumbent Republican Paul Shepherd faces a challenge from Democrat Jerry Lockhart for Position B. For State Senator, Republican Sheryl Nuxoll, who defeated incumbent Lee Heinrich in the primary, faces Democrat Leta Strauss.
In Statewide races incumbent Republican Governor Butch Otter faces 4 challengers on the ballot: Democrat Keith Allred, Libertarian Ted Dunlap, and independents Jana Kemp and Pro-Life (a person formerly known as Marvin Richardson).
Incumbent Republican  Lieutenant Governor Brad Little is challenged by Democrat Eldon Wallace and Constitution Party candidate Paul Venable.
Incumbent Republican Secretary of State Ben Ysursa is being challenged by Democrat Mack Sermon.
Incumbent Republican State Controller Donna Jones is challenged by Democrat Bruce Robinett.
Incumbent Republican Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna is being challenged by Democrat Stan Olson.
State Treasurer Ron Crane and Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, both Republicans, are unopposed.
For U.S. Representative, incumbent Democrat Walt Minnick is being challenged by Republican Raul Labrador, Libertarian Mike Washburn and Independent Dave Olson.
For U.S. Senator incumbent Republican Mike Crapo is being challenged by Democrat Tom Sullivan and Constitution Party candidate Randy Bergquist.
There are also several issues on the ballot. See page 13 of the print edition for the sample ballot on these issues and also your voterís pamphlet for the arguments for and against.

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