Raffle prize winners are named
The annual Assumption Parish Dinner was held this past Sunday, Nov. 7 and below are listed the winners in the prize drawing.
Emily Lerandeau won ½ hog cut and wrapped and donated by Sonnen Meats.
Marg Duman won $100 cash donated anonymously.
Bruce Kaschmitter won $100 cash donated by Harman Agency.
Marcella Goeckner won $10 cash donated by Primeland of Cottonwood and Ferdinand.
Mary Watson won $100 cash donated by Pure Tone Hearing Aid Service.
Carson Forsman won $100 cash donated by Bob & Francie Tatko.
Arlene Baerlocher won $50 cash donated by Columbia Grain.
Mike Orr won $50 cash donated by Ken & Bertie Forsmann.
Beth Forsmann won $50 donated by Fredís Body Shop-Rod & June Behler.
Clara Frei won $50 cash donated by Don & Theresa Funke.
Jo Thomason won $50 cash donated by Mike & Marilyn Lerandeau.
Vern Uhlorn won $50 cash donated by Maurus & Karen Uhlorn.
Vicki Goeckner won $35 worth of Melalucca Products donated by Lenore Forsman.
David Kaschmitter won $35 worth of Avon Products donated by Lenore Forsman.
Julie Ann Howe won $25 cash donated anonymously.
Alia Riggers won $25 cash donated by Clearwater Concrete, Inc.
Central Idaho Agency won $25 cash donated by Mick & Judy Forsman.
Tony Goeckner won $25 cash donated by Seubert Excavators, Inc.
Dorothy Hanson won $25 cash donated by Valley Paving & Asphalt, Inc.
Shawn Goeckner won a $25 Gift Certificate from Keuterville Pub & Grub.
Gwen Heitstuman and Austin Jennings each won a free steak or bite size dinner at the Halfway Club.
Eloise Riener donated 3 prizes of $20 cash each where the winners had to be present. Maria Imhoff, Judy Forsman and Shirley Gehring won those prizes.

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