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To all Prairie wrestlers, parents and fans:
After 18 years of coaching, I have decided to retire. I want to thank everyone that has been a part of or supported the Prairie Wrestling program during my tenure as head coach. Obviously there are too many to list. I hope you will continue to support the Prairie Wrestling program and Coach Dan Altman. I have truly enjoyed my time as a coach at Prairie High School.
Thank you,
Steve Lamont

To the Editor

I was a fortunate youth.  I was born into a community where people genuinely care about one another.  A town where people are neighborly in the sense you usually only find in old TV shows.  A town where I if I wrecked my bike as a kid, which was a lot, the nearest homeowner rushed to my aid, patched me up and sent me on my way.  A town filled predominantly with friends and family, and where the word stranger was almost unfamiliar.  A town where you can count on people to celebrate joys and mourn sorrows beyond their own.  The Prairie I grew up with was full of hard working people, who were more rich in life, than in any monetary sense.  
I have moved away since then and experienced a lot more of the world and met a great many more people.  Most anyone who knows me could tell you Iím very proud of where I came from.  Whether Iím bragging about state championships or scholarships the area youth has brought home, or that itís the best place to attend a wedding or a crab feed, Iíve almost always got something to share about my hometown.  I still have many family and friends back home, and still come back to visit whenever we can get the chance.  We even talk at times about moving home someday to raise our own family there, and I think a great many former Prairie youths entertain the same notion.  Itís exactly that thought that is my cause for concern of late.
I stay in touch with the local Ďgoings oní with my Chronicle subscription and itís generally a positive read.  Maybe itís just become part of our culture to get negative as November approaches because the only compliment I can pay most of the recent contributors is at least you are not too apathetic to vote or care.  I ask myself how such an overtly religious, and predominantly Christian community could forget (or at least conveniently set aside) such fundamental values of faith.  Are peace, tolerance, compassion, and understanding not some of the most vital pillars the church and community along with it strive to instill from youth program through adulthood?  I guess Iím just confused because I relate smear campaigns and negative ads & media with DC and the Republican and Democratic political machines, not with the caring and loving community I reference above.  Something I foresee, or at least hope for in the future is the evaporation of both political parties.  
The Prairie has to be a 90% + Republican stronghold, and why not, itís the party of Ďmorality and conservative government,Ē right?  Except that historically you can look at the % of debt relative to GDP and low and behold, the last three Republican Presidents and their respective administrations increased the deficit they inherited.  Morality, it seems more than ironic that Gingrich and Limbaugh, the lead pitchfork carriers of the Clinton Scandal were later caught for adultery and illegal drug use.  Democrats have also earned criticism, their spending has oftentimes been too loose.  Pelosi and the pushers of the national healthcare reform have essentially made a big problem that much bigger.  While I am often critical of Bush, Obama, Pelosi, and the like, despite what I view as mistakes they made/make via policies and legislation, I still think in their hearts they felt/feel like they are acting for the good of the country.  As elected officials, they should at least have our respect, and that goes at any level of government.  
You have a local resident who has served as county commissioner, and from what I gather myself and via his many supporters he has done an admirable job.  Even you, his many naysayers, have yet to cite a valid fault of his save for being a Democrat.  Having known him for a good portion of my life, Iíve only seen him as a good person, devoted family man, and hard working civil servant.  To be honest, until a similar spat of ugliness erupted a few years ago I did not even know he was a Democrat, and I donít care, and neither should you.  You neednít pass much more than a grade school political science course to learn that federal healthcare policies and abortion issues are not determined at the county level.  As you attack all Democrats like a plague of godless spendthrifts, you seem to miss that you have a prime example of a pious, pro-life, level-headed, educated, experienced, and proven candidate that just happens to be a Democrat.  So does the last description immediately cancel out every positive attribute outlined before it?  Or is it more indicative that party affiliations of either side, are not of themselves a judge of character, integrity, or just plain old good and evil.  
I implore you to think free of prejudice, race, party lines, and vote for the candidates most qualified to do the job.
Jesse Uhlorn

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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