New twist to Virtue Program
Music, skits, activities, crafts, saint cards, and a mission are all part of the new virtue program that has been implemented at Summit Academy.  
With lots of discussion about aiding the students in developing their leadership qualities, this new program included many of these components!  So, this week the virtue of the month, “Love for the Church”, was kicked off with a skit by the 11th/12th graders during morning announce-ments.
The students then all returned to their individual classrooms and were met moments later by older students who had prepared for them further explanations, songs, activities, and crafts at the appropriate age level.  As the sessions wrapped up, all the students were left with a “mission” to accomplish for the month in reference to the virtue.  Then throughout the month, depending on the classroom, additional “surprises” may be offered to the different groups by their captains!   The enthusiasm and the smiles that came as a result of our first month’s new virtue program, shows great promise for all involved. 

The Summit 5/6 graders with the Preschoolers after their K4J project. Photo provided by Summit Academy.

Summit girls start seaon on Tuesday
Summit Academy’s current basketball season kicks off with a bang this coming Tuesday, Nov. 16, as the local Patriots travel to Grangeville to take on the 2A level lady Bulldogs. Game time is 6 p.m. for the JV’s and the varsity level competition is set to begin at 7:30.
The upcoming contest is a first for the Patriot teams, as the boys later, Dec. 21, will also travel to Grangeville to take on the Bulldogs there in a single varsity game, scheduled at 7:00. A reduced turnout for the Patriots, due to transferring students, eliminated the JV part of the current year’s schedule. The Grangeville games resulted from contact with Summit by Bulldog AD Jim Suhr, who years ago taught at Prairie.
Following the Bulldog contest, the Lady Patriots travel Friday and Saturday to New Meadows where they participate again in the Meadows Valley Kickoff Tourney. The Lady Patriots look to defend their title earned last year. They then return to local action with a Division II league game at Nezperce, Tuesday, Nov. 23.
Turnout for the current season includes returning varsity seniors Jamie Chmelik and Rachel Wemhoff. Also varsity juniors Nicole Frei, Savanah Prigge, sophomores Brooke Schumacher and Cassidy Stubbers and frosh Abby Chmelik, Sarah Chmelik, Kayla Duclos, Rachael Frei, Megan Rehder and Nicole Wemhoff.
Coaching the Patriots once again is Pete Prigge assisted by his daughter Alexa Prigge.

Summit Academy Basketball Schedule 2010-2011
16-Girls at Grangeville
19-20-Girls at New Meadows Tourney V only
23-Girls at Nezperce*
29-Girls and Boys at Timberline, V only**, girls 6 p.m., boys follow
30-Girls at Kendrick*
2-Girls vs Genesee, here*
4-Girls vs. CV, here
7-Girls at Troy*
9-Girls at Lapwai*
10-11-Boys at New Meadows Tourney
14-Girls vs Culdesac, here**
15-Girls & Boys at Salmon River, V only, girls 6 p.m. MST, boys follow
16-Boys at Potlatch*
21-Boys at Grangeville
4-Girls at Prairie*
6-Boys vs Timberline, here**
7-Boys vs Troy, here*
8-Girls vs Nezperce, here**
11-Girls at CV*
13-Girls vs. Potlatch, here*
14-Boys at Highland**
15-Boys at Nezperce**
18-Boys vs. Prairie, here*
20-Girls at Culdesac**
21-Boys vs. Lapwai, home*
22-Boys at Logos, 3 p.m.
22-Girls at Deary*
25-Girls vs. Timberline, here**
27-Boys at Genesee
28-Boys and Girls at Orofino, V only
29-Boys vs. Kendrick, here*
1-Boys at CV*
3-Boys vs. Nezperce, here**
4-Boys vs. Highland, here**
8-Boys vs. Deary, here*
*White Pine League game
**WPL Division II league game
Girls V & JV unless indicated, Boys are V only.
Girls JV starts at 6 p.m., varsity at 7:30 unless indicated.
Boys are varsity only at 7 p.m.
Sites for some home games still to be determined.

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