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Gray Dog Press of Spokane is proud to announce Joan Kopczynski’s recent publication of Spies, Lies & Psychosis – A personal journey of adult schizoaffective illness triggered by traumatic events of love, espionage and betrayal. Author Joan Kopczynski
Kopczynski, who worked for the CIA for five years as an Administrative Assistant in the 1970s, was born and raised in Cottonwood but now lives in Spokane.  She said she hopes to give back to Cottonwood where she grew up.  Thus, “all the author’s profits of books sold in Cottonwood will go to The Cottonwood Library.”  
This memoir is a journey through several bizarre espionage events leading to mental illness and a condition known as bipolar schizoaffective disorder.  Her story tells of being betrayed by her lover, suffering public embarrassment at the hands of a liberal professor, and befriended by a KGB agent as well as a man pretending to be an FBI Agent.  Following a dubious car crash, her brother-in-law transports her from San Francisco to the Northwest while questioning her about coworkers’ ties to the Trilateral Commission.  
After receiving psychological treatment, she becomes lovers with a New York Times bestselling author and spy.  She experiences onset of this treatable mental illness in 1979, at age twenty-five, but later her psychiatrist receives a pipe-bomb in the mail, precipitating a series of circumstances which causes a manic episode that nearly destroys her life.  
This story has been reviewed by the CIA to prevent the disclosure of classified information and is important in helping to understand a seemingly fragile state that can be altered at any time.
Kopczynski, who has been writing for 19 long years hoping to birth a book, said she wrote it so that people would know the events that triggered her illness and would understand the challenges she went through.  She never shared it before because there never seemed enough time to divulge her whole story and it was too much information to be told in small talk at gatherings.
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